Soon to be first time Chanel owner.. need your help

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm sneaking over from the Louis Vuitton forum. I am looking to get my first few Chanels in 2008. I need some of your opinions. How are the Chanel wallets compared to the LV wallets? What is the price range of them? Also, what is the price of the CC mini crystal earrings and necklace and the camelia(sp?) bracelet and necklace? Thanks so much!! I look forward in joining this forum in 2008!:yahoo:
  2. ^I just saw your post in the reference library. I have to warn you though, there's not supposed to be any "chatting" there, only pictures, so your post will probably get deleted.

    I have the camellia necklace you were asking about, and I bought mine for $285. :yes:
  3. [​IMG]
    Camellia bracelet is $320
  4. missisa07 - it is gorgeous!!!!! (sorry to go OT, meeeks )
  5. Welcome Meeks. First, I love your avatar. He or she is adorable.

    I have the Eugenie LV wallet and really love the hardware. I think I spent $650 on it prior to the increase. I bought my best friend one just two months later and it was $670 (yikes). I purchased my caviar CC wallet approximately three months ago (see my bag showcase) and I believe I spent close to the same amount. I wish my Chanel wallet had nice silver hardware to complement it (similar to LV's wallet) but it doesn't. I purchased it anyway as I like my wallet to match my bag. Both are super durable and can stand wear and tear so you can't go wrong either way. :tup:

    I don't own any Chanel jewelry so I can't help you there.

    Welcome again. :flowers:
  6. tiffany_darling: oh thats a nice chanel wallet. i like it. i already have a lv monogram wallet and i'm not sure if i should get another lv wallet (prob multicolore) or move to chanel. and yes, its a she. if it was a boy, i think he'd be very mad at me for putting a ribbon on him
  7. I don't own any LV wallets but I am dying for the zippy wallet!

    I do, however, own 4 chanel wallets and all of them are super durable, even the lambskin classic. It is really hard to get a good sized Chanel wallet for under $600 now. I bought all of mine prior to the price increases.

    Dark Brown Classic Wallet:

    Paris New York (PNY) Black Zip-around Wallet (Discontinued)
    Beige Caviar Continental Checkbook Wallet ($595):
    Dark Brown Outdoor Checkbook Wallet (Discontinued):
  8. how old are you..i want to hv my first chanel too i am 15. i've been wearing ma mum's 15++ yr old bag lol but its condition is still guuud:smile:
  9. mrsronaldo: i'm in my 20s, i've been an avid lv fan for a while now and my collection has grown tremendously but now i need something different thats why i'm moving to chanel.

    roey: thanks for the pictures. i like the first wallet. how much does that retail for? is that caviar or lambskin?
  10. You're welcome. The first wallet is lamb but it's very durable. I won it on eBay for $380 last fall and am pretty sure it now retails for over $800.