Soon I'll be a Legacy...

  1. A Legacy shoulder bag owner, that is!! I am SO excited you guys...I was watching an auction on a gently used black Legacy '06 shoulder bag and a little voice in my head told me to bid on it before I went to the doctor today. I *almost* got outbid but I won!!! I absolutely cannot wait to get it, it's totally my Holy Grail bag that I've drooled over on the Coach site many a time. (That, and the elusive turquoise large Ergo hobo!!) I can't wait to receive her and post pics. She looks like she's in great shape in the pictures, totally pristine, so I hope she is in person too. :yahoo::yahoo:Hooray! What a way to make a crappy day (the millionth doctor's visit in the last two weeks, lots of work to do for my job) into something better!!
  2. yay! :yahoo: Congrats, I can't wait to see pics and I hope you are feeling better hon!!!! ;)
  3. Yay!! Good for you! I have that one in whiskey, you will love it!!
  4. Woohoo congrats! You will LOVE this bag! I just got one in whiskey after drooling over it forever, and I can still hardly believe I finally got it. :love:
  5. YAY!! congrats!! I have a whiskey one and it's one that I couldn't let go.. even though I carry bigger bags most of the time now!
  6. Yeah!!! I have that same bag and LOVE it!!! Congrats and I hope you're feeling better!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new Legacy!
  7. Do you have any pics of it?? Is it the double pocket one?? I love the '06 Legacy Shoulder Bags!! So will you!! Congrats!!:tup: P.S. sorry about the dr.visits...I hope your okay!:smile:
  8. Is this the cross body bag that ended just before 5? i was watching it at work, my boss came over and i shrunk the page :biggrin: i was going to bid. if it is you got a great deal on a beautiful bag
  9. Yeah!!! I have one in Whiskey and I just won a black one. It's one (two) of my favorite bags! You're gonna love it. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. jenniebutterfly, nope! It's the double-pocketed shoulder bag like admat97 said! Here are a couple pics from the auction...I am almost afraid to post these because who knows if I outbid a fellow tpf'er!? Here goes nothing...I will definitely take better ones when I get it in the mail.

    I am SO HAPPY!!! I wanted one in whiskey, but I may eventually get that color too. Having a black bag that is a bit more medium sized will be great for me, since I wear a ton of black. I'm just so in love with the Legacy line!

    Thanks for all your sweet words, girls, I am feeling a LOT better. Just sick of the doctor, but thankfully the doctor has given me nothing but GOOD news. Apparently I'm just weird, which is nothing I already didn't know. ;)
    legacy.jpg legacy3.jpg legacy4.jpg
  11. whoo hoo! it will look awesome with your punch agenda nestled so sweetly inside! yay! the pink will just pop off that black.
  12. Very nice. I was so bummed that my boss had to walk up at that moment :sad:
  13. haute_for_coach, you're reading my mind!! I cannot WAIT to put my planner in there, she'll be gorgeous. :smile:

    jenniebutterfly, that sucks. :sad: My boss has the worst timing too. But look at it this way--it wasn't meant to be. I kept telling myself that if I bid on a whim and I won it, it was meant to be. If not, there was another bag out there for me. You'll find another, I'm sure!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  14. YAY!!! I am so happy for you! I love that bag!
  15. Oh man... that's definitely my dream bag EXACTLY. I probably looked at the auction earlier today dreamily. :smile: Congrats!