Soo whats on your LV wishlist??

  1. mine is......

    Damier Speedy 25
    Monogram Speedy 25
    Denim Neo Speedy (blue)
    Monogram Papillon 30
    Vernis Bedford in (pearl/noisette/indigo)
    Monogram Groom Wallet
    Monogram Zippy Wallet
    Multicolore Speedy (white)
    Monogram Pochette

  2. damier and mono speedy 30
    mono compact zipped wallet
    mono manhattan pm or gm
    maybe more soon, but i'm really faithful to speedies
  3. Monogram Canvas Keepall 45 bandoliere (for school)
    Pegase 70
    And probably some shoes from the men's F/W line, and some mufflers!
  4. Mono Papillon 30
    Damier Azur Speedy
    MC Berlingot

    And probably more soon :love:
  5. White MC Speedy 30
    Yellow Tobago Carryall
    Cannelle Jasmin
    Damier Olav PM
    Red Epi Pochette Accessoires
  6. Wow, thats alot of Speedies! :happydance:
  7. ha! Let's see if I can upload Excel :lol: well, here goes:

    Ouvea KeepallRed/Blue$1,430 Ouvea CarryallRed/Blue$1,350 Tobago KeepallNavy$2,000 Tobago ShoebagBrown$1,650 Vernis Mercer (Keepall)BeigeDiscontinuedGraffiti Keepall 50SilverDiscontinuedGraffiti Keepall 50KhakiDiscontinuedS/S 2005 Initials Mini Mono KeepallEbeneDiscontinuedS/S 2005 Initials Mini Mono Travel BagEbeneDiscontinuedS/S 2005 Initals Mini Mono Amman MessengerEbeneDiscontinuedMini Lin Saumer XLEbene$1,480 Damier Azur Keepall 50Grey/White$845 Damier Messenger Melville Ebony$1,120 Damier Keepall 50Ebony$845 Damier SO Keepall 60Ebony$1,150 Damier Pegase 70Ebony$2,550 Monogram Sac GiberciereMonoDiscontinuedMonogram Reporter PMMono$780 Monogram Keepall 45Mono$845 Monogram Cruiser 45 or Shoe BagMono$1,500 Monogram Sirius 45Mono$1,110 Monogram Sac ChasseMono$1,890 Monogram Alma Voyage MMMono$1,180 Monogram Steamer 45Mono$2,750 Epi Keepall 45Black$1,260 Epi Keepall 45 SOMandarinDiscontinuedMono Laser MessengerBurgundyDiscontinuedTaiga Dersou or ReporterBurgundyDiscountinuedDamier Geant PionnierTerre$1,380
  8. I'm trying to trim mine down...
    mono BH
    Damier Alma
    (black) MC Trouville...I had it, returned it, now I miss it :crybaby:
  9. you're too funny!
  10. MC Speedy
    Neo Speedy
    Epi Speedy 25 or 30
    Damier Speedy 25 or 30
    Mono Keepall 45 or 50
    Reade PM
    Mini Pleaty
    Mono Zippy wallet

    I love Speedys!
  11. Wislist as in what I will eventually want, or what I want now?
    Regardless, what I want now, and will get:
    The Mirroir speedy, (can't wait),
    The Azur speedy
    the Azur wallet
    Multicolore Porte Tresor International
    Monogram Alma

    What I wish to get in like about 6 months or so, even
    Monogram Speedy
    Damier speedy
    Multicolore Pochette Accessoire
    Monogram Vernis Koala wallet
  12. On my "formal" excel wishlist I have the following:

    - Monogram Batignolles
    - Porte Monnaie Viennois
    - Transparent Inclusion bracelet
    - Monogram Popincourt
    - Monogram Speedy 25
    - Monogram Messenger PM Bosphore
    - Antigua Cabas MM (rose)
    - Damier Musette Tango
    - Lilac/Black Epi Pochette

    but as far as what I want at the moment, it's just the Black Epi Pochette (a shoulder bag for winter), the French purse (Viennois), and the Inclusion Bracelet. That's all that I really look for right now when I'm on eBay/elux. The others are more...infatuations, I guess you can call it. I used to hate the Antigua tote but I love it now because it's subtly LV!
  13. Eventually I'll get...

    White Inclusion bracelet + ring
    Pastilles keyring in multicolor
    Pastilles bag charm in brown
    Maybe a Deauville for travel purposes :yes:

    And hopefully someday I'll get these since they are sorta hard to find:
    Suhali cles in Plum
    Satin CB Amarene or Peloa in pink
    Trompe L'Oeil Trocadero
  14. 1) Porte Monnaie Billets/French Purse
    2) Pochette wallet/monogram wallet with zip pocket
    3) Cles (havent decided either in vernis perle or noisette or monogram)
    4) One big bag, haven't decided between cabas piano, lockit horizizontal, or BH
    5) Wapities!!!! (either a black MC or a monogram havent decided which one I like more)
    6) Lexington in perle or noisette (I like perle better but I worry about color transfer)

    ... not TOO bad of a list.
  15. Black suhali lockit MM
    Azure mini - pochette
    MAYBE Miroir gold pochette