Soo..Wanna see my wedding gift?!

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  1. That is a gorgeous bag!! Congratulations! I hope you post pics when she arrives!
  2. Wow!! Sap green stellas are hard to find, you did well!! Congrats!!
  3. Thanks! I love the color, I just hope i get enough wear out of it!
  4. I was watching that one, and saw that you had won it. Congrats! It is a fantastic color! What a nice gift!
  5. Congrats, what a lovely wedding gift.
    beats getting a toaster anytime :smile:
  6. Love that color!!! Can't wait to see it too!! Post modeling pics if you can...Congrats!!!! You did well!!!

  7. it sure does!!

    It was a gift to myself though, haha :rolleyes:

    Thanks everyone, I'll be sure to post lots of pics when she gets here, the seller said he was sending it this morning.

    I've been wanting a stella for a long time and when i saw that clinched tote at TJMaxx i knew i had to get one!!
  8. Congrats on your wedding and new bag! The Stella is AWESOME - I have one and it's so versatile and great!

  9. Oh, it's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  10. I love the sap green color and stellas are awesome! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You definitely deserve this gorgeous gift!
  11. It's so pretty! Congratulations on the bag and the wedding.
  12. ooh congrats! i :heart: the sap green color - i have it in venetia, and stella is such a lovely bag. :yes: what a wonderful wedding gift! congrats on your wedding too!!
  13. :heart: The coveted Sap Stella is THE mother of all MJ bags...I do miss mine terribly whenever I see one. Don't ever let her get away! All very best wishes on your wedding, and enjoy your lovely Stella!! :wlae:
  14. Love it- I never got anything useful from my wedding. Just a bunch of pots, pans, china, etc.