Soo Rare S/s '02 Balenciaga Flat Brass Chocolate Hobo!

  1. Ha ha ha :biggrin: .... without a respond on this thread it's already gone :yahoo: !! I knew it would be sold in a second ;) !

    CONGRATS MiMi and the new, very lucky owner :love: (who is it? Is it a PFer?)
  2. Oh wow, what an amazing bag. Congrats to Mimi and the lucky winner!
  3. Wow it's gorgeous! Congrats Mimi and the winner!
  4. Congratulations Mimi and winner! I love that bag. That's what I get for sleeping late. :crybaby:
  5. Congrats on your sale!
  6. Thanks girls! I'm so excited for the winner too! :heart:
  7. oooh, congrats mimz...
    love the bag! i guess you sold this because you got that other bag? :graucho:
  8. Mimz-You are KILLING me with your gorgeous bags while I'm on a shopping ban :sad:
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