soo i really wanna get a zippy questions on Vernis

  1. okay so i def want a zippy wallet and i cant decide if i should get a reg mono, damier azur, or vernis...i have concerns about all 3.

    1. mono- it looks kind of man-ish to me....and i hate the brown interior...i think its ugly. but...i love mono...(usually)

    2. damier azur - it looks like the fabric around the zipper (well the zipper part) is white....and im afraid it will get wicked dirty.

    3. vernis - i have heard bad things on here about vernis scratching...and its more money than the other two...i usually dont baby my wallets and i dont want to have to start now.

    anyone with any ideas or advice??
  2. There is also multicolore now. I'd pick white MC :smile:
  3. I have a vernis cles and 4 key holder I just have them in my bag loose I don't baby them and I have not noticed any scratches at all. The lighter colours you need to be careful with colour transfer but mine again are fine (framboise & pomme)
  4. I have a pomme zippy and it is just fine loose in my purse. I don't give it any special treatment and it is holding up just fine. go for a framboise or pomme zippy!
  5. I think frambroise zippy looks best!
  6. I'd get the Pomme Zippy for sure, if not then the Multicolor!
  7. i have a framboise flat pouch and i dont have any problems with it. i dont baby it either and it goes inside my bag with the loose keys, cellphone, pens etc - no scratches so far. the lighter colors colors tend to discolor after some time, though so you might like to get a darker one.
  8. mono!!!!!! I'm using the exactly the same and I love it!
  9. I'd pick the Vernis
  10. I have a Framboise zippy that I don't baby and it looks like new - it 's my favorite LV purchase. I would go with the vernis zippy.
  11. OMG theres a multicolore now!!! anyone have a pic??
  12. did you decide what to get ?
  13. the mc wallet is sooo pretty! (blue10) sp has it and it looks great!!! i would def get the vernis zippy! too pretty! i have a noisette cles and i have had no problems with it!
  14. I have a pomme zippy, I love it. I actually like my accessories to be dark vernis colors. They are safe in my bag and so fun to take out and use. I prefer my bags more conservative, such as epi.