Soo i just got back from Neiman Marcus

  1. So i just got back from Neiman Marcus in the Garden State Plaza mall, and they told me that they do not carry the part-time bag in navy/ocean/royal - whichever color its called. I thought i wanted the city bag, but when looking at the part-time i like it alot better, The salesperson also didnt know about the Fall 2007 ocean color. Is there anyone who can tell me which blue i can get in the part-time, and if you love your part-time or wish it was the city bag.. help..i might lose sleep over not being able to get the bag i want in the color i want........
  2. I know the Marine came in the Giant PT. I am not sure about the Ocean Blue PT. I have seen it in the Work size with Silver hardware. Are you looking for the RH?
    Here is a picture of my Giant Marine PT (sold).:sad:
  3. thanks for the reply, your bag is gorgeous i love the color. i would like the partime with regular hardware.
  4. OK so you are looking for the Ocean Blue in PT w/RH?
  5. I believe that Neiman Marcus only ordered the Ocean Part Time with Giant Silver Hardware.
  6. Also, Neimans might be calling Ocean a different name...try asking them for BLEU...and emphasize that it's the FW 2007 BLEU and not to be mistaken with BLEUET or BLEU ROI...both colors that they have carried last year.
  7. thanks yes i want the part time in the marine/blue!! i love this forum everyone is such a help
  8. ^Well, do you have the SS 07 Marine like NANAZ's photo? or the OCEAN/BLEU from FW07...both are totally different colors.
  9. i would like to find both and decide then.. but finding the right color balenciaga bag is harder then finding the right guy!!
  10. To make it easier...

    this is SS 07 MARINE/NAVY...


    and here's FW07 OCEAN/BLEU...

  11. i love the marine. do you think i'll be able to find it in the part-time? i'm def. calling balenciaga in nyc tomorrow. thank you guys for the help
  12. Did you talk to jennifer? jennifer in garden state will help you out with anything you need, i love her she got me my FB PART TIME
  13. Yeah, I think your best bet is to call BalNY. The SAs at NM tell me that they mostly get GHs now. The NM in Houston that I went to carried so few RH.