SOO excited about my new bag

  1. Hello,

    So I'm so excited to receive my new bag one's personal shopping night at holt renfrew on wednesday. so I found this really nice beige gucci fabric messenger bag with a leather's actually pretty pricey for a material one (850.00 Can) but I love how when I put it on it was just out of my way and I was hands free. I loooove how it fits everything...I have a fairly large louis vuitton wallet and it fits in no problem plus my makeup bag bottle of water nice big zippered pocket PLUS the little pocket for my's all and all a great size and such a nice bag...heres a pic. I can't wait to have it!

    [​IMG]by the way looks larger and 100 times better IRL :smile:
  2. I like it!!! Congrats
  3. love gucci! Congrats
  4. congrats! nice bag! i wanted to get that bag too!
  5. Early congrats- very nice messenger
  6. Nice messenger. Enjoy the bag.
  7. gorgeous bag
  8. congrats! i'm sure you'll get much use out of it!
  9. cuteee! congrats!
  10. Nice bag...Congrats!
  11. very nice! Congrats!!!!:yes:
  12. Grats! That bag looks very practical.
  13. congrats!
  14. Looks great, congratulations!:yahoo:
  15. I still need a messenger for my collection.

    Good buy! Looks roomy, I can see how it fits all that stuff you mentioned. Id like an eclipse messenger (with ivory trim).