soo angry!!!


Jul 30, 2007
you guys may have seen my previous posts about the saleya or saleya vs. bellvue. and i finally got the saleya!! i will post pics later! but IM SOO ANGRY!

i had put the bag on hold at yorkdale holt renfrew because i was afraid it would sell out if everyone decided to buy stuff before the increase.. so i go in today.. and i went to this sales lady that helped me last time cuz i thought she spent a lot of time with me last time, i should let her have the sale so i tell her that i put the bag on hold and this young asian guy comes out and hes like.. ill help her and brings me my bag (i guess i was on the phone with him) but after a while he disappears and the same lady helps me. i wanted to compare the bags again with my mom and we decided to go with the saleya. so i examine the bag and i noticed some little scratches on the tag and i ask if theres another one.. and she said that it was the only one.. so i thought its ok since ill prolly end up scratching it anyways. i buy it. and i go home and examine it more and i noticed that one of the handles was not fully filled in! you know the rolled handles where the 3 sides meet.. theres like a triangle hole thing, well one side still had a hole in it! and it kind of bugs me since im spendin so much money on it. and so i call bloor st holts and they told me they had one bag which was the display. but YORKDALE HOLTS HAD 2 more!!! THE WOMAN LIED TO ME!! why would she do that?! im soo angry! and the LV store on bloor was closed so i dont know whether i shoudl just suck it up and keep it since its not noticable or try to exchange it at the LV store.

ARGH!! what should i do!?


Nov 22, 2006
If the bag is defective, you should return it immediately. The SA may not have checked the computer previously realizing that there were two bags in stock when she told you she only had one. Regardless, return the bag tomorrow or exchange it but do not keep the original since it's defective.


Aug 28, 2006
Don't settle. it is a lot of money, you will hate knowing that there is something wrong with should enjoy your new bag. once you exchange it for a perfect one it is a beautiful and comfortable bag.


Feb 24, 2007
Vancouver, B.C
In my experience, sometimes when the computer says there are more items at a store, the items may be on hold for someone else. This happened to me with a cosmetic pouch.
Jun 13, 2007
Exchange it. Don't try to convince yourself that it is alright if your first impression says it's not. GoodLVck!


Jan 2, 2007
exchange it -- under no circumstances should you pay so much money and not by 100% with your decision.
Just a "heads up", I believe that you can only return things that you bought at the Holt's LV back to Holt's and notto the actual LV boutique (something about how the LV is within Holts and not stand-alone, etc) -- I tried to do that a a few years ago, but not sure if policies have changes since then...good luck!


Jul 30, 2007
aww! thanks for the replies! i will try to exchange it tmr! hopefully the lv store is nice and lets me otherwise i will have to go back to yorkdale which is such an inconvenience b/c its far for me during the weekdays.. argh!

AND! i forgot to add earlier.. she didnt give me a box for it!! im not sure if its suppose to come with one.. and when i asked.. she said that tehy dont have boxes for big bags unless its christmas season.. is that true?


In Luv with Louis
Oct 18, 2006
Return it, and either have them refund your money so you can go to an LV directly or have them ship in the other bag..and be firm about it, you should ALWAYS be able to get a box if you want one, EVERYDAY is a holiday when you are spending your hard earned money at LV!!!!!! BE FIRM WITH THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE TRYING TO PLAY YOU
Jan 18, 2008
Take it back and get them to exchange it. Sometimes the SA from the Holts location can see if an item can be transferred in from another Holts location. I have also had my SA at Holts offer to bring in a bag for me from the stand alone LV boutiques (when authorized by a manager) - I am not exactly how easily this can be done but I know that my SA has offered to do this when a certain bag/style wasn't in stock at their location. Ask and see if this can be done for you.

Good luck. I have the Damier Azur Saleya in MM and if I noticed what you described then I would take it back and exchange it - you paid for a perfect bag and that is what you should have. I bought my bag last june and got a box (kinda) big enough to fit it so I can't see why one wouldn't have been available for you now.

Keep us posted of what happens...


Jul 24, 2007
I am very picky with my things and inspect them in the store. Before I even do that, I ask them to get me another one from the drawer. They always either tell me it's 'not a display model' or 'it is the last one', so I have to take the one I'm holding, even though there may be nothing visibly wrong at the moment I'm looking at it. Upon further inspection at home, I notice a little things here and there. Nothing as outrageous as holes or dents and what not, but little things. I think the SAs (some of them) are either trained to not grab another one for the customer because they want to get rid of their merch, or simply because they are a-holes.

And yeah, you need to take it back. That is unacceptable. I am already a little irritated because I didn't get a box (for the second time). If I was in your shoes, they wouldn't hear the end of it.


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Jul 8, 2007
sounds like that particular SA is in the lying business: boxes are always a request-able option.

i've seen that triangle hole thing on display models (speedys); what's the deal with that?