Sonya Dakar Products??

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  1. Does anyone have experience with this line at all? -- I am just looking for any feedback. I tried the Omega-3 oil which I absolutely love !! -- I just splurged and ordered the Hydrasoft lotion as well. Pricy but if I see results, it will be worth it for me.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sonya Dakar does have good products in addition to a cult following.. and you

    are right, if it works and even if it is a little pricy, it's your face, right???
  3. Love everything from Sonya Dakar. They have great face masks and face washes.
  4. I used several SD products in the past for some time and while I think that they are generally good, I was not terribly impressed with their products aimed to help hyperpigmentation, which is my primary concern.
  5. I had a facial (my 2nd one) and the lady used all sonya dakar products. My face felt amazing and no breakouts. My first facial somewhere else cause me to have breakouts.