Sony Vaio Laptop

  1. I keep on seeing the ads on the tpf for the Sony Vaio laptop. I really like the pink laptop. I tried looking it up, nothing came up with a pink one. Does anyone know the price and where I can get it? Any info will be great.
  2. I have a VAIO and I love it! I was looking for something very sleek and compact and it fits the bill entirely! Great standard videocard too (all the better for staring at purses, m'dear!) :P haha..
  3. you'll get better search results if you type in the model name/number. did you try checking to find it?

    i bought a dell laptop over a year ago, and i researched endlessly on the internet... was of great help as well.
  4. I also have a Sony Vaio laptop and I love it!! :heart:
    I saw somewhere a pink one, but it was after I bought mine (which is silver).
    If I knew it before, I would be seriously tempted..
  5. Sonys are usually considered some of the best laptops. I've had mine for a while and it is still going strong. Never personally known someone who didn't love theirs!
  6. I keep seeing it, too, and they look so cute!!!
  7. I think I have the one you're talking about. Mine is black though, because I got it at Costco to save some money. It's a great laptop but it's a little heavy.
  8. Thank you all for the info. Nice to hear you guys like your notebook. I found out the price is $999.99 on I don't know anything about computers, so I don't know if that is a good price.:shrugs:
  9. I'm dying for that pink one... too expensive considering I don't *need* it yet... my Compaq is only a year old.
  10. Here is a link from tPF Sony VAIO - C Series

    don't know if megs and vlad get affliate fees if you go through that.

    Like the pink one....I have a Vaio and love!...hard to beat under 6 pounds! ;)
  11. thats on my christmas list now!
  12. I have a 4 year old Vaio (typing on now) but I too want the pink one for Christmas, but with the price of a new Vaio, I could get a really nice purse???:confused1:

  13. I had noticed it as well!! LOL The pink immediately got my attention.

    The $1K is just the basic starting price. I just went through and built one and it was $1,500. I added quite a bit of stuff though. I can't seem to find information about the video card though and that's important to me as I love to play games. I had asked for a Voodoo Envy computer in fushia for Christmas and when built it is was closer to $3K so Dh would probably be very happy with this!
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