Sony Vaio Battery Help

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  1. I have just bought a sony vaio laptop CR Series, and i love it but i am already getting annoyed with the battery, How long should the battery go for, before switching off? Should i remove the battery when im using my laptop with the wire?
    Dont really know what the best thing to do is.

  2. its best to keep it plugged in. i always keep mine plugged in unless i absolutely have to unplug it.
  3. Thanks alot for replying. Do you experience any other problems with the Sony Vaio becides the battery? Which one do you have?
  4. I always keep my laptop plugged in unless I have to. My battery doesnt last very long about an hour and a bit - I was told I have damaged the battery (thats why it doesnt last very long) because I always leave it plugged in. So im not sure what advice to give. This is on a Vaio too.
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    So its best to leave it plugged it or it isnt? Not really sure which is best.

    I forgot to ask about the cd/dvd, When you press the button to open where the cd goes? does it open completly or just a bit and you have to pull it out?

  6. my battery dies very fast too; but i have it plugged in all the time i use it so...
    beside that- i love it
  7. Sounds like a common thing then. Everyones battery seems to die quickly.
    I love the my vaio but i am annoyed with the battery thing. Its not exactly cheap.

    Thanks to everyone whos responded.
  8. we completely replaced a vaio battery after 2 years. over $200.
  9. if you're using the ac adapter, take the battery out.
  10. Thanks alot for the advice, I have just charged it but took it out and using the laptop plugged in :o)
  11. Mine used to last about 2.5 hrs when I first bought it ,now it lasts less than 2 hrs.
  12. oh my...poor me...i didnt even know it's till working without the battery.
    ill try that NOW
  13. Agree.

    I am contemplating the purchase of a new Vaio. I did a search here for any rants or raves about them & found a thread where someone mentioned they worked for Sony. She stated to take the battery out while using the ac adapter.
  14. afaik, dvd/cd drives on laptops pop out just a bit when you press the eject button and you have to pull the tray out yourself to insert a disc (unless it's a slot load drive, which many newer laptops have nowadays).
  15. I have the NR series and mine doesn't last long either. But I do have a cooler plugged in that robs some of my battery.

    I try to keep mine plugged in as much as possible.