Sony under fire: Controversial new PSP advertisement

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Wow, I see how some might react to that...

    ot: that white psp looks hot!
  3. Whoa... :shocked:
  4. WTF!!! I don't like that poster at all!!
  5. Whoa. .they shouldve thought that ad through before they put it out (or not). Thats pretty bad.

    PS. I want a PSP!!
  6. :wtf: Sony what have you DONE!!!!:hysteric:
  7. Yeah.. I'm not sure about that ad. It's effective since it's got great contrast but, yeah, mixed messages.

    I really want a PSP though !
  8. Yeah, its not very tactfully done. It really is kinda offensive. I think it would be totally different if the face grab wasn't in there?
  9. Yeah, what kind of message are they trying to send?
  10. That is messed up! Even if it's supposed to be "ironic" it missed the mark....
  11. What on earth were they thinking? It's supposed to be ironic and edgy?
    What a bad idea...
  12. :wtf: I am positive that SONY did this to get people talking!
  13. ^^^ i agree! they had to know that would get people talking
  14. Yeah, they got people talking alright, but it will be a good long while before any more of my money goes to Sony :rant:
  15. They will get more exposure off this ad than a regular ad so in their mind they probably see a win situation. TACKY.....wonder who the bozos are that come up with this crap.