sony laptop

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  1. does anybody have a sony TZ series laptop?
    is it good..what color do you have it in...I already have a sony laptop, but i was thinking i wanted to get a new one quite soon and i really like this one and how small it is, but is it perhaps too small??
  2. I have the TZ90 from Japan. I got it when it just came out. They sell it now I think in the Sony North America stores. I have it in carbon fibre and its small and light and I really love it. The display is the best I've owned so far.
  3. thanks Snoozle
    anyone else have any feedback on this laptop???
  4. Nope, I have the Vaio
  5. nope i have the vaio too...

    but i think sony always makes great laptops. i've had various vaios since highschool.
  6. i've got teh vaio too but i love it (and sony laptops)
  7. Same here - love the Vaio.
  8. i have a vaio now , but i want to change it soon for work...etc.., but im wanted to know alittle more about this specific series as it is quie small and a much higher price...
  9. Vaio here as well... LOVE it.
  10. oldest son has a vaio - loves it
  11. I have a vaio and im quite happy with it.
  12. I have a TZsomething26, I think it's the asian version or something. But it looks exactly the same. Here's some comparison pictures:
    Compared to balenciaga city.
    Compared to macbook.

    This is my first vaio so I don't know if it applies to all the other vaios too but I find it pretty slow and laggy as compared to my macbook. I also don't really like windows vistas, I'm biased towards apple. But I had to get a windows laptop for school so I got this one. The size is really compact and the weight's pretty light too and it's a pretty laptop. and it's supposed to have 11 battery hours, but after fully charging it, it can only last for 4 hours plus without the plug.
  13. yeah that is i believe exactly the laptop i am looking at , i read a few places that said vista slows it down a lot, would you say you prefer your mac? im a pc person and never ventured into mac since i rly do love my vaio i just know im going to get a new laptop soon and i want to get an idea of which is better....
  14. I definitely prefer my macbook to sony vaio because it's faster, almost never lags, and mac also never gets virus. I can open like 100 plus internet windows on my macbook without it lagging at all but on my sony vaio, it lags when I open too many internet windows. But since you really do love the vaio you already have, i think you'll love the TZ vaio too, it's really pretty and lightweight, a very portable computer.
  15. Dh and I waited overnight out side best buy for the day after Thanksgiving sale to get my Sony Viao!! I love it....mostly because it was soooo cheap!!