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  1. Does anyone have this cell phone? Just the other day I got the w300i clam/flip phone.

    I needed the flip more then anything :smile: I went from a motorola rokr which was EASY to use. I was able to add ringtones using mp3's
    Now this phone i'm having so many issue with that.

    Can anyone help me with this ?
  2. i have the w600i and if the 300 is made of the same quality then great. my phone has hit the floor, been accidently flung across the grocery store, dropped under my car on the hard cement. All sorts of things where I was like OMG I just broke my phone. This baby took a lickin' and kept on tickin. Seriously, I have dropped it and the cover came off and battery popped out I thought surely it was a goner but picked it up popped battery back in and was good to go.

    I have a different model but same brand. Did you install the software that came with the phone?
    What exactly is the problem you are having?
  3. Glad to hear the phone stands up :smile:
    Yes i have installed the software, i'm trying to make ringtones, I dont want to d/l them off the net and have to pay 3$ per download. So i'm not sure how to do this?
  4. I have v800 and it has held up pretty well and has some really nice features! I'm not sure about the software problems you are having though. Where are you downloading the ringtones from? With my phone it was a hassle to add unlocked ringtones (meaning it was just easier for me to buy them rather then downloading them from somewhere for free and then transfering them).
  5. don't have that phone, so i don't think i can help you. generally, i've had very good experiences with sony ericsson phones... in fact, i'm considering purchasing the w850i soon. my current phone is technologically out of date
  6. ^^ same here, I love the Sony Ericson phones...they are really great!
  7. i don't have that phone, but i have the P800 that i used for years.
    it's a great phone, it's been tortured, but it's still working.
    i don't know how many times it fell on the floor or car. i'm very clumsy on gadgets :p

    i can use it to check my mail and this forum too when i'm bored waiting :wlae:
  8. i have the W300i and it sure has disappointed me. its easy for me to put on songs which is the only good thing. i got this phone about a month ago and just last week the camera function stopped working and the speakers stopped working also. which is ridiculous! so i sent my phone to the factory to get it repaired. the thing is, is that ive never dropped my phone and ive taken good care of it. im pretty disapointed at this phone
  9. i have the w800i, it's great. the camera is so great it replaced my canon during the last long vacation!

  10. You should have a USB cable in the box right? You can transfer the mp3 from your computer straight into your phone. Use total video convertor or any free software to cut the file, say if you only want the chorus and then transfer it straight :jammin: I don't believe in paying for ringing downloads. :wlae:
  11. I love Sony Ericsson´s. They are weird to use in the beginning but you get used to it.
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmm thanks for that heads up, i'm going to check it out. thanks
  13. I agree! i'm getting a little more used to the phone, I love that its so small.
  14. I also have the W300i. I didn't install the program that came with it. I plugged it in to the laptop, double clicked on my computer and just added mp3's straight to the phone. My boyfriend even added cute little animated wallpapers to the phone for me.

    I have had it for about a year now, I have dropped it at least 5 times and its still working! haha I haven't had any problems with it.