Sons of Hollywood

  1. I'm watching the rebroadcast right now. It looks interesting:

    This series follows three young men as they try to make their way in Hollywood. One is Randy Spelling, son of the late famous producer, Aaron Spelling; the second is Sean Stewart, son of famous British rocker, Rod Stewart; and the third is talent manager David Weintraub. The three young men have been friends since their boarding school days, and the series follows the trio as they attempt to step away from the imposing shadows of their famous parents and forge their own identities.

    I didn't watch it when it premiered, but all
    three of them were on Dr. Phil today. Randy Spelling seems to be very well-adjusted and grateful for everything he has.
    Sean Stewart knows he has problems, he knows he needs to fix them and he knows fixing them is going to be a process.

    It's on Sundays on A&E at 10:00 (right after Gene Simmons's Family Jewels).
  2. They were on Dr. Phil???? It's going to be heard watching the show knowing they did a Dr.P not cool.
  3. I mean hard.
  4. I saw it last night for the first time. Very entertaining. I thought it was going to suck!! I was wrong...
  5. I really don't like it. Sean Stewart is bizarre & annoying. It's as though he has ADD but he's also slow?!?!?

    Randy Spelling is just boring & David Weintraub...seems stuck up & weird.

    Sorry to all who like it, don't mean to sound rude!:smile:

    Maybe it will get better! Women would probably be more interesting! Atleast they have bags! LOL!
  6. I Saw Them On Ellen...I Wish I Saw It!
  7. Sean is a complete mess. He needs serious mental help. Ritalin, Xanex and Paxil along with daily psych visits should be just a start for him.

    I like Randy. He seems nice and genuine.

    David is hot but still a tool.
    It irks me to see him walk- chest out, shades on, arms swinging and always appearing so confident. But I would totally get with him ; )
  8. I honestly can't believe A&E would agree to air this garbage! I guess after Growing Up Gotti and Dog, the Bounty Hunter they just couldn't say NO to Sons of Hollywood! Alana Stewart must be so proud ... NOT!:throwup::rolleyes: I am sure Aaron Spelling is rolling over in his grave as we speak. Nothing like making a show about three punks running around spending money that is not theirs.
  9. You said it, GF!
  10. I was kind of put off by how Randy was just passing the good times whilst his father was dying. Why didn't he VISIT instead of just calling? Grr...
  11. The show has been dropped I heard today.
  12. You are totally right.:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: But don't you think its entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way??:p
  13. Maybe. I would probably watch it if it replayed during the day & I was desperate but I guess I'd rather go to sleep than watch it!:upsidedown:
  14. I guess watching stereotypes made flesh could give a strange comfort to some, especially now that all the shows about people in Orange County have either ended or gone on hiatus...