son's friend has a pit bull

  1. my son's new friend has a rescue pit bull.

    i won't let him go over there, i feel very uncomfortable with the presence of the dog. my son is 9. the parents seem to be nice people, but they believe that the dog is friendly...and can do no harm

    i'm not fond of the breed, but certainly don't get in people's faces about their choice of animal.

    but i just can't get over it. we have dogs, cockers...and i know that any breed of dog can bite...but you rarely hear about other dog breeds killing or maiming children.

    am i way off base, what would you do
  2. no, I wouldn't be able to get over it either.
    I hear everyday about how the "family pet that has never shown any aggression" bit someone.
    You can't be too careful w/ your kids. ESPECIALLY kids.
  3. Personally, I disagree. Pitbulls used to be called "nanny dogs" because in the 19th century they were frequently used to babysit children (no joke, look this up). They, like all breeds, are wonderful and loving and loyal if they are treated well and raised right. Just because this is a rescue dog and not a $2,000 fluffball from a fancy breeder does not mean the dog is going to attack your child.

    Pitbull attacks are frequently reported because it actually rarely happens so when it does, it's news. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that all pitbulls maim and kill. They can be sweet and loving animals, and it's unfortunate a group of people have really villianized this decent breed.

    But it never hurts to be safe. If you REALLY feel strongly, don't let your son go over there.
  4. your fears are justified. I knew of one pitbull that was the biggest softie and total love dog but did kill 2 other dogs. IMO they are unpredictable. I know people will say there are no bad dogs, just bad owners and to a point that is true. But this breed is so hardwired to kill (that is what they were originally bred for) that I don't know how much of that is ingrained so deeply that it will just manifest someday for some odd reason known only to the dog like a time-bomb. I love those dogs they can be very sweet but as far as owning one or letting small children be around them, I choose not to roll those dice.

    and what ISet is true, any dog can bite but these dogs have jaws that are so powerful and bone crushing that even a small bite can be very damaging, even deadly.
  5. the thing is. . . kids are equally unpredictable.

    Children can really freak out animals.
    The Momma in me would never allow my children to play at a home w/ an unrestrained large dog.
    Even restrained, I doubt I'd let them play at the home w/ a pit bull. No risk is worth it to me. . . they can play at my house!
  6. Very true, and sorry, I had clicked on this through the main page and thought it was in the Animalicious forum... if I knew it was in the PARENTING forum I wouldn't have commented. You obviously know what's best for your son's safety and I am not trying to talk you out of your opinion!
  7. Annie, I think you're fine!
    I moved it because it seemed more like a question about parenting over animal demeanor, I accidentally moved it to Animalicious first.
  8. So true. I had my best friend's dog attack my son when he was about 2 1/2. The family swore he was safe around kids but something set the dog off. I had to hit the dog on the head before it let my son go, and my son had to go to hospital. I injured the dog seriously and the dog had to be put down - but what was I supposed to do when a dog comes out of nowhere and starts biting my kid?
  9. The pit bull being a rescue dog, I am assuming, means that he was picked up at a shelter. If this is the case, I would definately keep my child away from the dog because you do not know the dog's history. What if the dog was abused or tortured? A child's slight movement could scare the dog and, in turn, the dog could bite the child.
  10. i posted this in the relationship section, but it looks like it was moved

    i was hoping to get people's opinions that are parents, not just dog son is very upset that i will not allow him to play at this home, they have all the fun "toys" over there...swimming pool, basketball, a little golf area

    i feel like i am punishing him, but i can't let him be at a house with a pitbull
  11. don't they have an area like a dog run to place the dog in while he is there?
  12. ITA, guccimamma, you are not paranoid! Your baby's safety comes first. I would ask the child's parents if future playdates could be at your residence. :yes:
  13. they feel it is a perfectly safe dog, he lives amongst the family. no dog run or anything.

    other than this, they are a great family....but they steadfastly believe that this dog is gentle. i am sure he is..but he has jaws on him that scare me.
  14. I also would not let my son play at a house with a pitbull. Better safe than sorry. I'd rather be a mean mommy than a sad one. Have them play at your house.
  15. if the owners are nice people the dog will be nice. dogs only get agressive and attack if they are provoked or are not taught how to behave.