Sonicare Toothbrush--anybody use one?

  1. I just got a Sonicare toothbrush last week, and love how clean it makes my teeth feel.

    For those of you who also use one, do you experience gum sensitivity??

    Lately my gums have felt sore and I'm wondering if my new toothbrush could be the culprit.

  2. DH has been using one for years and so has my youngest son. no complaints about gum sensitvity tho.
  3. I love it!

    Af first they made my gums bleed because normally when I had a regular toothbrush I brushed really hard. With a Sonic Care you don't need to brush like a mad lady and I was still stuck in my old habits so the first few days are rough. Now I don't feel anything but clean after I use it. I love it and I don't even have to charge it that often either!:biggrin:
  4. I love it. You will get used to it.
  5. I use one and yes, it's totally normal to have gum tenderness at first.
    Can you turn yours down a bit?
  6. I love it, but I've never had gum sensitivity. Can you buy a different (softer) head for it?
  7. I do! I love it, if your gums feel sensitive, lower the intensity of the brush (mine has those options) and also try to let the brush do the work, when I first started I kept trying to brush while it was whirring. It's much better to hold and circle lightly.
  8. I have one, too and loved it at first...then my gums became very sensitive and so did my teeth! My teeth felt the cold and heat like never before and since I have stopped using it, my mouth feels normal again. I still have to figure out how to lower the intensity to give it another try. Others have made some great suggestions! Thanks!
  9. I love mine. Your gums may be getting used to the new motion of the toothbrush. It took me awhile.
  10. I've been using one for about two years now, it keeps my teeth very white and it's actually great for your gums. I think it's normal to have a little sensitivity from the stimulation at first but from what I understand that stimulation is very good for gums....
  11. Yes, you probably will get used to it.

    I am so hooked on the sonicare that I even carry it while traveling.
  12. Yesss! and I looooove it!! Been using it for three years now. My dentist praises my teeth everytime he sees me.
  13. I have one and love it!!!
  14. Thanks everyone!!

    Swanky--I took your advice...turned it down...sooo much better now!!!

  15. I've been using Sonicare toothbrushes for about 3 years now. It works really well and keeps my pearly whites shiny and clean :smile: