Sonicare Flexcare vs Oral B Triumph

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Which Electronic Toothbrush is better?

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    Sonicare FlexCare with UV Sanitizer

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  2. Oral B Triumph with Smartguide

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  1. I need to purchase a new toothbrush today and need help deciding which electronic toothbrush is better.

    Have any of you tried these brushes? How do you like using it?
    Which one would you recommend I purchase and why?

    I am considering either the Sonicare Flexcare or the Oral B Triumph

    Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer OR
    The Sonicare FlexCare has the following features:
    -FlexCare System: 3 Flexible brushing modes, 2 Personalized cleaning routines
    -ProResults brush head: Provides better plaque removal and a comfort-enhanced brushing experience
    -UV sanitizer: One simple push of the buttom safeguards against bacteria
    -Two Contoured brush heads: Standard is ideal for complete cleaning, Compact provides precision cleaning
    -Smartimer: 2-minute timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time
    -Quadpacer: 30-second interval timer encourages thorough brushing of each quadrant of your mouth
    -Deluxe recharge guage: Green light level tracks battery charge and yellow light signals when to recharge
    -Multi-voltage compact travel charger: Compact charger lets you enjoy FlexCare while you're on the go

    Oral B Triumph 9900 Toothbrush with Smart Guide

    The Oral B Triumph with Smartgude features:
    -Advanced oral care system guides you to extraordinary cleaning and superior gum health
    -Innovative wireless display provides while-you-brush feedback for optimal brushing habits
    -Floss Action brush head with MicroPulse bristles penetrates deep between teeth and gums, dramatically improving the health of your gums
    -If you should apply too much pressure, a red light will appear signaling you that too much pressure is being used
    -With the wireless remote display, you can easily see your brushing time per quadrant and the positive feedback at 2 minutes
  2. I havent tried either of these two specifically, but I do have a different type of Sonicare and I love Love LOVE it! My teeth really do feel dentist clean everyday!
  3. I have the sonicare toothbrush and have been using it for over 3 years, and I have sooo many people asking me if i bleach my teeth because they are so white. the sonicare toothbrush is great because it gives you that dentist clean feel!....if anything when i come home from the dentist i still rebrush my teeth because they feel cleaner with my sonicare. I havn't had a cavity since using it and every dentist i have gone to has said that the sonicare is the best toothbrush on the market. GO FOR THE SONICARE!!!:tup:
  4. I'll go for the "other" category on this one. I use a Crest Spinbrush Pro. Super cheap and easy to use. My dentist says it works just fine, and you don't need to spend more on a pricey model. I'm more than happy to spend less, so that's what I'm using these days.
  5. Flexcare all the way! I got one of these before they were available (haha and 1/3 of the price--professional discount!) and I can tell you that they are amazing. It feels like getting a cleaning each time you use it. If you're one of those dreaded "infrequent flossers", this is the brush for you. It cuts down on the particles between the teeth because it is powerful enough to clean 4-5 mm around where you hold it. I highly recommend it--it's worth every penny of the full price.