Sonic jewelry cleaners?

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  1. I saw one on HSN last night that looked good but when I checked the reviews, they were very poor. I would love to get one that cleans gold, diamonds, gemstones and takes tarnish off of silver.

    Anybody have any recommendations?
  2. you may take a look at the professional ones. they cost more but worthy.
  3. I agree,the sonics in the professional ones are way better,cost a lot,but better than wasting your money on anything else,unlees anyone esle who browses through here and can reccomendone to you?xxxxxxxxxxx

    try that link above.

    I have two. One is 3 sizes bigger than that, don't know which brand (my husband put in his storage). The other is pc3 with black front label, which i had for over 20 years. There so, unable to tell is it the same with that one above or not.
  5. thanks for the advice ladies-professional ones are too expensive for me.
  6. nishi--i use a store bought sonic machine and then a store bought hand held steamer. first i soak my jewelry in the sonic machine and then give it a blast from the steamer.:tup: it is not as powerful as the jewelry store steamers, but it does clean them up pretty well. and i do it often enough so there is no heavy build up of gunk, so i don't really need more sonic or steam ( if you will) than what i have, kwim?;) hths!
  7. If you can afford, then use the toothpaste with toothbrush for cleaning. Do not buy junk stuffs, otherwise just waste your money.
  8. The best jewelry cleaner is free. Can only be done for diamonds though.

    Boil a pan of water. Put one or two drops of liquid detergent in pan. Plunk your diamond jewelry in water (cannot have any antiquing or it will come off). Boil for 30 mins. Take out and blow dry your jewelry on a soft towel with your hairdryer on the hottest setting. Will brow off any water that might leave a spot.

    Sounds too simple I know. But my jeweler told me to do this with his gems since I don't live near him and only see him on vacation trips. I do it all the time and my gems look GORGEOUS!! We have invested quite a sizeable chunk in my jewelry and would not do anything he didn't say to do.

    Do not waste your money on an ultrasonic machine. They vibrate your gems and can cause problems with settings.
  9. I did not have good experience with my sonic cleaner which I later returned. I follow the advice of oregonfanlisa which is what my jeweler recommended.
  10. I sometimes use the steamer on my coffee machine! It seems to do a good job!
  11. Hahahaha!! THAT is a great tip!! I use a solution of very hot water and washing up liquid,give 'em a good long soak,follwed by scrubbing with one of Sophies old small toothbrushes and they come up fab!!!! I do this evey couple of weeks so there is never a massive build up of ick!!

    One of the clients I used to have used to always declined having me clean them for her,when I asked her why not I did'nt mind doing it,and how DID she keep them so clean? (I began to suspect she only ever put them on when she came to our shop and thats how she did it!)I got an answer I really did not expect!!!'I have a little travel kettle especially for boiling my diamonds in'!!!!

    PS,I hasten to add I would'nt carry out this this with emeralds,opals,pearls or any other delicate or heavily included stones!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!
  12. Girls, I just did something amazingly stupid. I accidentally let my ring dry boil on the stove. Forgot about the fact I was cooking it to clean it as per the advice here. All of a sudden the house stinks like hell, burn smell everywhere. The bottem of the pot was pitch black and so was my ring.

    Toothpaste would not remove the black, boiling did nothing, scrubbing did nothing....finally I soaked it in bleach for 30 minutes then steamed it in the bleach with my coffee machine wand....and it all came off!!!! As did much of the rhodeum plating!!!!! Very scarey there for awhile!!!!!:s
  13. OMG!! My heart just dropped for you then!!!XXXXXXXX The diamond should be ok,but total pain about the rhodium tho! Maybe try the kettle thing,they have an automatic switch off,God my heart is still pounding!!!! When I do mine I don't trust myself with that sort of thing,I've burned so many of Sophies lunches etc its just not funny anymore,I just have a little dish,put the washing-up liquid in it add hot water and then the diamonds,and then drain and change it a couple of times,rinse them in the dish using it to cover the plughole under a warm tap , bloody hell my heart is still racing! I think I really put myself in your place then and the panic was huge!!! Have a stiff drink and a sit down,(the rhodium takes minutes to put back on at a jewellers)

    I think I will join you on the stiff drink!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. I was only worried about the main diamond, and i couldnt remember if diamonds burned at this sort of temperature!!! They can actually burn as you probably know. But luckily it is all ok after alot of scare. Anyway, now its cleaner than ever!!!!!

    The black was the detergent cooked to a crisp, like glue!!!!
  15. i bet it was a night mare for you at that moment.