Sonia Tote

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  1. Anyone have the Sonia Tote? If so, how do you like it? I am thinking of getting it for a friend as a work tote. Is it heavy?
  2. There's a pic here somewhere of a guy modeling his, it was gorgeous if I remember correctly.
  3. Here's one from lionlaw - and I am trying to hunt down the post that Toni was referring to - they were great shots...

    here they are from Chinsumo... but unfortunately the modeling shot isn't working for me.....
  4. I like the Sonia tote. It's on my watchlist (in gray). I almost bought the sale one in anthracite but decided to adhere to my ban. It looks like a decent sized tote and the leather looks soft. I've never actually seen a Hayden-Harnett IRL. Is the leather that soft suedey type of leather? Does it get dirty easy or is it pretty resilient?
  5. I found it - or a different one.. Here is Chinsumo modeling the Sonia
    I haven't felt the Sonia leather in real life - but HH's matt leather - to a greater or less extent depending on the color/finish are squooshy.
  6. How does the Sonia tote close? Some of the pictures looked like magnets. I would like to use this as a work bag, but don't want to store my laptop in a bag with magnets! :smile:

  7. The middle section has a zipper.
  8. Man, I am such a sucker. I went back this morning and it said 3 remaining, and I have never clicked so fast in my life! :smile: They probably have a ton, but the fact that it said 3 remaining made me want it more!

  9. ^^That bag is just gorgeous. It is definitely on my post-ban buy list (September?).
    Another question I have for the HH ladies who have been following the brand: I know HH has awesome sales, do these bags usually sell out or is it feasible to wait for them to go on sale?
  10. ^^

    I believe the Sonia Tote in anthracite sold out this morning. I snagged one and there was only 1 remaining after my purchase. Once it's gone, it's gone.
  11. That's kinda neat how the HH website tells you how many is left when the number of bags gets low. I'm gonna keep the gray one on my wishlist and keep a close eye on the HH website.