Sonia Rykiel Studded Domino Handbag

  1. does any know where i can get the Sonia Rykiel Studded Domino Handbag in london?
  2. Oh I have this bag and it rocks! :biggrin:
    People stop me to ask what brand it is and where I got it from. I purchased it from Intermix for about $1095 i think....
  3. If you guys can think of anywhere in London i can get it - that would be great! and thanks JC2239 for the site (even tho i cant purchase it, doesnt hurt in looking)
  4. Try the Sonia Rykiel store in London (is there one?)
  5. wow that bag looks amazing!!

    sweetsparkle, how big/small is it?
  6. Oh it's about the size of a balenciaga first but it could go over the shoulders easily. It measures: 13 3/4" wide by 8 3/4" high
  7. thank you :smile:
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