sonia rykiel for h&m on saturday

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  1. I searched but didn't find a thread about this. I have a feeling people aren'
    t very excited about this but I am! I don't like very colourfull outfits but the bright colours sonia uses always seem right for me. The collection she does for H&m seems close to her usual style and prices are very reasonable!

    Anyone who's going? What's on your whishlist?

    here's mine:
    * oversized sweater dress
    * nautical jumper
    * brooches
    * pink dress
    * pink - white striped sweater
  2. Really ? No-one? Wow, that's gonna be easy for me then tomorrow :smile:
  3. I am not a big fan of collection SR created for H&M, but the prices are really good!
    I decided I am gonna wait a little. There was a lot left from the lingerie collection, and they are now been sold very cheap in the webpage.
    Maybe the same will happen with the clothes?!?
  4. That could be, but the lingerie collection didn't impress me. I'm liking the knitwear more. I truly hope there won't be a rush tomorrow.
  5. Your post just led to me watching their collection videos on Youtube ... sadly nothing jumped out at me except maybe the bright pink knit skirt with pockets. Not sure why they added words across the chest of an otherwise nice sweater. Hope you get the items you want with no line tomorrow : )
  6. Hi Pinkgoldfish,
    You are not alone, I can't wait to be tomorrow!! This is actually the first time i'm excited over an H&M/Designer collaboration!
    I love almost everything Sonia did for H&M: the strippy sweaters, the dress, the sweater with a big rose on the front, the beret, even the socks are super cute!!
  7. I'm going to wait - I got everything for the lingerie collection for 5 euros or less... I'm def. going to wait for the same to happen with this collection!!
  8. I went this morning just minutes before the store opened and there was a small crowd waiting. We ended up running but they had a lot of pieces of every item. The nautical off the shoulder sweater was most popular. By noon most things were gone. Some unwanted items and XS were left.

    I tried on most of the dresses but they weren't for me.

    I bought :
    - nautical sweater
    - hot pink MON PULL pull
    - black rose sweater
    - black/pink striped cardi with bows
    - MON PULL brooch
    - black beret with gem stones
  9. I went about an hour after the store opened, and things were disappearing at a decent pace. I think by this afternoon all of the popular pieces/sizes will be gone. I really liked the pink and black striped dress, but the S was giant on me and no XS left. Guess I shouldve gotten out of bed earlier but I'm so lazy... I didn't think that this collection would fly off the shelves, but I stand corrected for the most part.

    I actually loved the knit skirts! I picked them up in yellow and black... the yellow looked darling with the black rose sweater, and a girl can never have too many black skirts.

    I wasnt a fan of the striped items - dont get me wrong I love the signature stripes, but the oversized sweater was TOO oversized and engulfed me, and the tight one kind of looked like a Bebe HL k/o. Ended up just getting the scarf in that print. Shame bc I really wanted to like the stripes!

    I actually did like the pink ruffled dress with black straps. I thought it would look awful on, but it's pretty cute. Ended up picking that one up, unexpectedly.

    I do like the headband, and how you can pull the roses off to customize it. I'm surprised they had so many of these left.

    Last impulse buy was the yellow rhinestone belt. I dont know if I particularly love it, but it was the only one there... I'm going to see what it looks like over the black sweater and skirt combo.

    Unfortunately my store did not have the socks or rhinestone tights/leggings/whatever they are. Those were actually the 2 things I wanted most lol! But, seeing that all I had to do to get to my store is roll out of bed and wander down the block, I certainly can't complain :P

    Oh - lastly - the dolls were so cute! I really wanted to pick one up, but I had to convince myself that I am an adult and do not need an (adorably dressed) rag doll. (Still tempted to run back and grab one though... lol!)
  10. I really wish I could go but the closest one to me that has the collection is in NY and I can't get over there for the weekend!

    On another note: pieces have already started appearing on ebay for like 3x the retail price, that was pretty quick, lol.
  11. I went to three H&M on Sunday afternoon. The nautical jumper which I really wanted is sold out everywhere. I bought stripy frill jumper, stripy bodycon dress, black bodycon skirt and bright pink bodycon skirt. Will see if I can find the nautical jumper on Monday.
  12. I am going to wait it out...I feel like I won't be wearing most pieces from this collection on a regular basis so paying full retail (though not much) seems unnecessary. Would love to see modeling pictures from the ladies that have already acquired items!
  13. i went on to the h&m store in 86th & lex last saturday.all of the children's clothes were gone! there were a couple of pink blazers, mon pull bags, multicolor knit halter dress,belts,bangles, pink and black wedges and a lot of those fringe vests...

    i was able to get a pink & white stripe top and black patent platforms and a mon pull brooch.
  14. modeling pics PLEASE!!
  15. Daymn! I missed the openning Saturday! I totally forgot! I happened to pass by on Sunday & din't realize they're already out. I was attracted on the colorful window, went in & saw the cutest hot pink shorts w/ bottons across & tried them on. They run big, I fit on the XS, didn't realize that it's Sonia Rykiel! I looked for black but they all sold out, so I kept the Pink. I love the look & the fit, I can dress it down to look CLASSIC w/ an oversized white ts, natural lace up platform wedges w/ open toes from Zara & a neutral color Balenciaga bag. Ahhhh... I can't wait for Spring. If anyone see the Black shorts please let me know, I still want it.
    The colorful stripes, they're pretty, but I don't think I can wear that much.