sonia rykiel fans.. someone tell me whtas retail on this

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  1. hi guys.. ok so i picked this up today from a cute lil store her ein apris.. i wanted to know if anyone knows what the original retial is on it? i wanted to know if made a good deal or not..

    its soooo cute, and im thinking of using it as a big cles, like to hang keys on put make up in there etc... what do u guys think?
    01102006135.jpg 01102006138.jpg
  2. no one knows?? even gusses are fine
  3. Sonia Rykiel used to be so big where I live! Hmm, I know their normal bags cost like $100+ or less. This is more fancy with more beadwork, so I'm guessing around 100+?
  4. ^ are you serious 100 or less? wow.. in bahrain and here in apris its vERY expensive.. how bizzare..
  5. i looooove sonya rykiel :love: , i usually buy it from Dubai and its very expensive..but i've never seen this bag before:wtf: super cute!
    last winter my sis bought the big one with crystals and it was about $2200 while i got the one with silver studs for $1300 and another one that i cant really desribe(alot is going on in the bag,leather,crystal belts or bracelets dont know what to call them but really cute:upsidedown: for $1600 not sure about this one though..i think its going to be about$250 - $350...but im just guessing:jammin:
  6. I LOVE THE CRYSTAL BAGS!! I REALLY WAN TONE.. but dont have the money.. THEY HAVE AN MAAZING yellow one iwth diff colored crystals.. soooo nice.

    or i like the white with white.. or the black with blue.. oooo.. hehe ya this is the same sorta thing but its a makeup opouch ( the woman said it for aa cell phone) umm no i dont think so heeehee
  7. i think it would look nice with anything in it, as long as it has the bling bling factor :nuts:

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