Sonia Mcmahon's fake..?

  1. ACK! Poor Lady McMahon! :shame::shame::shame:
  2. I saw alot of warning posters ( warnings about bringing in fakes to France) in the Charles De G. airport. I was impressed by how seriously they take it.
  3. ^ GOOOOD! ebay needs to look to CDG for inspiration!!
  4. Not even just bags, clothes and basically anything designer!
  5. wow! very nice!^
  6. Yeah, I agree! Not really even high-end designer per se... More mainstream stuff as well, like Adidas, Nike, etc.
  7. Made me think for a minute: "I hope the bags I bought at Hermes are not fake!":wtf: :s :lol:
    I can't I magine how mortifying it would be to be stopped for carrying a fake...:shame: fined, and maybe even arrested!:Push:
  8. Seriously I don't want anyone in the TSA or at the airport period deciding which of my bags is fake or not....honestly wouldn't this require tons of training? I just would't trust them. What if you bought a bag second hand and it was real but they seized it?

  9. I think the money used for training ppl to spot fakes (if they're going to do that) can be better spent at tightening airport security and improving efficiency. I mean, that's a much higher priority
  10. Well, I think if Lady McMahon finds it necessary to carry a fake Birkin, I have no pity for her if she gets caught. Same goes for all carriers of counterfeit merchandise. It's disgraceful.
  11. I have heard from French friends that yes people do get stopped at customs by the French authorities for carrying counterfeit designer bags and accessories. If we here at tPF can be educated to recognize fakes, it's not hard to imagine that border control personnel might be aware of the differences, too.
  12. I think it's great that French customs does this. I'm not worried about them wrongfully seizing a bag because I'm sure they have some kind of appeal procedure, but creating a culture in which would-be counterfeiters know they can't transport this junk, and purchasers make every effort to ensure they're only buying the real deal, probably goes a long way toward stopping it. I guess I also admire the idea of a country taking pride in its authentic goods- regarding its craftspersons and designers as something precious and worthy of protection. I'd imagine US customs couldn't tell a Birkin from a firkin (food storage container or cask for ale etc. equal to 1/4 the size of a barrel).
  13. Do you think she knows or maybe someone on her staff "bought" it on her behalf and in essence ripped her off??
  14. kou truer words were never spoken!!!