Sonia Kashuk Products? (target)

  1. I'm interested in this line from Target as i've put myself on a bit of a beauty budget for a few months. Does anyone have any of her products that you want to recommend? (or that I should stay away from too!)

  2. I have her lip stain which is the most perfect color ever. I have also tried her cream blush/bronzer and it's pretty decent. Her eyelash comb is great too.

    All in all, I think it's a good value for what you pay for. I do find that her eyeshadows don't carry as much pigment as MAC or some of the bigger named brands.
  3. I was interested in her lip sheer's and cheek sheers <---they're supposed to be like delux's flush sticks.
  4. i haven't tried anything from her line but i have a lot of her brushes - they're good quality for what you pay for. =)
  5. Yeah, that's exactly one of the products I bought, the cheek sheers. It's a chubby stick bronzer/blush. I do like that product very much. The one I have is in sundrenched. It's a perfect naturally blushing color. It's definitely worth checking out. Hope this helps. :flowers:
  6. I love the brushes too! I've also used somem of the lip products and can't complain. :smile:
  7. I have the duo eyeshadow in rose color and an eye shadow brush I got a while ago. Surprisingly I kind of like them.
  8. I had a really sparkly coral lipgloss by her.
  9. Okay - I so purchased her eyebrow kit - which is EXCELLENT and less than half the price of the more expensive one's I was eyeing at sephora.

    I also purchase two of her cheek sheer gel push-up blush sticks. They are exactly like the Tarte or Delux beauty ones! I got "sunsplashed" which is like a dark red berry color (but looks very sheer and natural on) & beach bum, which is a bright hot pink - but again looks sheer and pretty on. I actually prefer the S.K. one's as they are much smaller than the other two. I had a Tarte blush stick years ago - which I liked, but it was like carrying anti-perspirant in your purse as it was so huge heavy and bulky.

    Okay, just wanted to update! :flowers:
  10. I like Lancome and Clinique lip glosses but read Kashuk had some good lip glosses. I bought one of her glosses recently but felt they were too gooey. I think it was about $8? I'd rather pay more as I do with the Lancome/clinique glosses since it provides for a better application than Kashuk's.
  11. Thanks for the update! I've been tempted many times to try her I will.
  12. i had her slanted tweezers and they were really good... better than tweezerman and cheaper, too.
  13. i heard her brushes are really good for the price.
  14. ^^Yes I have her brushes and think they are great for the price. I have read good things about her products and so far, no complaints. I say for those on a budget and even those not on one. It's a good choice!
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