is it legal??

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  1. I hope soo! I downloaded so many songs..
  2. Huh?

    You hope its illegal?:confused1:
  3. They said they hoped it was legal.
  4. Nothing downloads there for me, so it HAS to be legal.
  5. what is it? a free music site? I hope not. My DH is a songwriter/musician so unless you think its okay to take food off our table...:tdown:
  6. I don't understand this thread:confused1:
  7. looks like a search engine for what are probably illegal downloads.
  8. If you're not paying for them then I believe it's illegal...
  9. wonderful.:cursing:

    I wish people would stop to think about what it would be like to work for weeks or months on something, promote it, put up with a-hole execs and then not get a dime for all your work? would anyone here work all week and not like to get paid for what they do? people need to learn what intellectual property means. when you pay for music or a movie or even a book, you own the paper, the plastic, etc. but you do not own the content. you are "licensing" it. you are "renting" it. I get so frustrated. sorry amanda, wasn't flaming you - just used your post as a launching pad...
  10. :roflmfao:
    I'm such a dork, I totally thought that when you posted this, I thought you said, I hope this is illegal, i was like huuh :confused1: :roflmfao: - My bad.

    But i'm not sure. I think its when you dont pay its illegal. Thats why I stick to iTunes :yes:
  11. It might not be illegal, a lot of artists offer free downloads.
  12. not most:nogood: a lot don't even allow it at all.
  13. usually an artist will allow a free song on their own websites (or set something up with a legal website) to promote a new release. NO ARTIST condones illegal downloading of any of their music.
  14. sorry i thought this site was different than the software limewire and kazza.. I just needed some info about it... thanks
  15. ^^^didn't you say you downloaded alot of songs? I still would like to know if you got them for free?
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