Songs that make you cry?

  1. benjamin - sanctus real (it's about the writer's BFF who died around the same time his son was sad)
  2. i have a whole cd that makes me cry. armour for sleep - what to do when youre dead.

    its written from the point of view from someone who died and the songs are written to the girl he loved. interesting way to write music, and the lyrics are powerful
  3. brian mcknight- back at one
  4. I cry every time they come on...:sad:
  5. That's a good one.

    Love Flyleaf. Something about her and the way she sings makes you feel like your heart is being pulled out as well.

    Just thinking of this songs makes me want to cry...

    One that really has got me in the last little bit is
    You can let go - Crystal Shawanda. It's about a daddy's girl finally being able to do it on her own... honestly made me cry when I heard her live when she was touring with Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley
  6. "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton

    And that "Christmas Shoes" song - don't know who sings it. This one mainly because the TV movie was so sad.
  7. Thought of one more - an oldie, "You Are My Special Angel" - this one is more personal because it was my great aunt's favorite song and her death was my first experience with death of a loved one :crybaby:
  8. the thief - brooke fraser
  9. Dance With You by Live
  10. sorry seems to be the hardest word - mary j. blige (cover)
  11. Carrie Underwood's "Just a Dream" makes me cry, too! So does "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton.
  12. "In the Arms of the Angels" can't listen to it at all.
  13. "My Father" by Judy Collins
  14. fragile - sting
  15. Forever Young by Rod Stewart

    And when you finally fly away / I'll be hoping that I served you well

    I tear up but in a good way. I imagine these words are coming from my dad.

    I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables

    It's from Les Miserables, and it's in the part of the play where Fantine is lamenting about being abandoned by her lover, given birth to her daughter (Cosette) out of wedlock, wrongly dismissed from a desperately-needed job, and forced into prostitution to survive and to support her daughter.

    She goes from being sad to just utter despair and anger throughout the course of the song.

    Oh, and the part where just before Fantine dies and she sings Come to Me to her daughter? And then Jean Valjean swears he'll take care of her? My heart was just broken.