Song: James Blunt's "you're beautiful"

  1. Have you gals heard the song "you're beautiful" by James Blunt? The first time I heard it it moved me to tears! :cry: It's such a beautiful song! (for lack of a better term!) I'm usually not all that emotional at all but something about it is so moving!:love: :love: Do you guys/gals feel the same way?
  2. oh my gosh, I love that song.. I listen to it at least once a day.. so much... love that song..
  3. I know how you feel! I first saw it on MTV - saw the video and rushed out to buy it and send it to my husband who is currently out at sea! Have you seen the video? I have seen some discussion online about it and whether he is committing suicide in the video or just kind of cleansing his past or something. Either way - I love the song!
  4. I know that song from Beauty and the geeks show, love it !
  5. Haha, I first heard that song because a friend of mine file-shared it with me before James Blunt was even "popular" in the states. My friend was like, "He's definately going to make it here!" and then... here he is. However, I can't stand the song anymore. It's kind of over played here in the Twin Cities and I made the mistake of downloading it onto my phone as a ringtone. It is really cute though :o)
  6. yep, i like that song... My bf is totally in love w/the song.
  7. Lollapin, I had the same question about the MTV too. I personally think the MTV was a bit tacky (I mean, he was stripping away!! not that I'm complaining, but y'know ;) ). I don't think the song was that dark though, I think it's more of a throwing away of the past and starting new sorta thing. :wondering
  8. i remember hearing it before the mainstream radio stations started playing it (i thought it was an oldie) and i fell in love with it........there's just something about his voice and that song......
  9. bluekit,
    I completely agree - I prefer to think of it as starting anew as well - with such a beautiful melody and lyrics - it just doesn't do it justice to think of it that darkly.
  10. jc, you are right. something about that rich voice of his is so moving.

    how are you holding up with the exams? all done? if not, good luck!
  11. I love that song... his voice... :love:
  12. oh I have one complaint about the song.. they use the F word.. wish they used something else..
  13. lol today's actually the day of my 24 hours take home exam......i'm now officially 9 hours into but i haven't started which is bad :lol:......but no worried it's 11pm and it's due at 1:50 tomorrow afternoon so i can stay up all night as always :wacko:.....thanks for remembering though
  14. i found it kinda jarring the first time i heard it because the radio version didn't have it, so when i heard the version with the word in it it just sounded so off to me......imo it sounds better without it :P
  15. I agree that it sounds better without the f* word. I heard it on MTV without it and then when I heard it on the CD it did kind of make me cringe. I really don't think it needed it - the song is powerful enough without it. But I still love the song.