Song in The Interpreter

  1. The Interpreter is one of my favorite movies. There is one song in the very beginning and the very end before the credits that I really like. I have been searching for it, and I just can't find it. The info. I found is that the song is Terere Obande by either The Worldbeaters or Jerry Goldsmith. It is not on the soundtrack. Does anyone know what song I am talking about and where I could find it?
  2. anyone at all?:cry:
  3. Is anyone there?:sad:
  4. Please.....anyone have any idea what song I am talking about? It would be greatly appreciated.:yes:
  5. HEY there, hope you still interested, its actually cuz of u that i got it, i looked on itunes ad Amazon, and couldnt find it.. but when u gave me name and singer!! i was like, yes!! if u still interested.
  6. Have you tried youtube?
  7. Have you tried they a listing of the movies soundtrack. I will try and and the link...

    If you still cant find it try asking on imdb they had a Q&A part at the bottom of the page. HTH
  8. Thank you!!!!:smile:
  9. Your welcome!