Son punches Mother over video game

  1. OMG :wtf:
  2. How old is this "child"? If he's 14 or under and playing Halo, their parenting skills must suck. Likely in this case, both the parents and the child need professional help.
  3. Some of the comments had me laughing.

    If this is what he will do to his mother, think about what his future holds if they don't send him for help PRONTO!
  4. Idiot kid!
  5. That kid would never see another video game as long as he lived! Game Over!

    I love some of the comments...
    "Now the mother knows that she shouldn't be messing with a kids Halo 3. It was only 11:30 so whats the problem? I think she deserved what she had coming. TKO!!"
  6. I wonder what the father did after the kid punched his mother. I know if it was my father that kid's ass would've been layed out on the carpet. Knocked the eff out with a bloody mouth. That kid needs serious help and a good ass whoopin'.
  7. Kids these days are getting crazier and crazier.[/quote]

    You are so right!
  8. wow...I hope by the time I have kids video games will not be as crazy popular. When I was little I was allowed one hour a week to play my original nintendo and the only game I was allowed to have was Super Mario Bros.

    I always complained to my dad but now I see why and I am grateful that he put those kinds of restrictions on me. Not that I would EVER punch my mom though.

  9. Cases like this make child abuse look tempting....I would be soooo angry at my kid.....
  10. ^^^ Isn't that part of the problem? Somewhere along the line, good ol' fashioned discipline got renamed to 'abuse,' and no diligent parent wants to be an abuser.
  11. Trust me this probably isn't the first incident the parents have had with this child and que-dois to them for calling the authorities. I hope the kid goes to jail for a few days to really think about his actions.

    Could be a step father in this scenerio(?)and it sounds like the boy has some real anger issues.

    I don't think video games is the real culprit here, it goes alot deeper.:sad:
  12. Hmm He would not have had to worry about his father knocking him out because I would have knocked him out. Completely.
  13. what kinda parents call the cops on their kid? seriously....
  14. whoa, what a crazy kid!