Somewhere Other Than MyPoupette?

  1. Hi everyone, I am in the middle of a PayPal claim because 2 bags I purchased are not authentic.
    PayPal has asked for a written statement from someone that can authenticate the bags.

    I have talked to MyPoupette and they authenticated one bag for me before but now they are asking that I send both bags to them and it will be $35 each plus shipping and return shipping.
    Has anyone sent bags to them before? I am a little weary to do this, also it may take a long time and PayPal doesn't wait that long to let you get them the information.

    Has anyone else used a different authentication service that PayPal will accept? Please let me know, I urgently need to have this done so I can get my refund!

    TIA! :heart:
  2. Try Carol at She used to be with MP and now has her own business doing authentications. She is really nice and pretty fast.
  3. Yeah, try Carol. She rocks!
  4. Thanks for the advice! I will send her an e-mail now. :smile: