Somewhat odd question about champagne served in LV stores

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  1. Does anyone know the LV store champagne serving policy? I mean how do they determine which customers get served champagne? Also, what brand of champagne is served?

    I was at an LV store today and noticed some customers got served the bubbly stuff, but not others. Not that I was looking for a glass myself (not fond of it) :smile:
  2. If you are a regular customer for the most part champagne is offered. But I also think it depends on the SA. Sorry cannot tell you what brand champagne it is but it’s tasty!
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    They serve it to anyone at SA's discretion. Clients can ask for it too. They have a variety of beverage to entertain guests: water, sparkling water, sodas, tea, coffee, champagne and hard liquors like cognac or whiskey. You can ask for any of those when the SA ask you if you want to something to drink. As for champagne brands probably Moët or Ruinart as they are part of the LVMH family.

    There isn't a policy. They are just beverages. But usually, SA will offer it to clients who are waiting, having a special occasion or have been spending quite some time in the store to make a purchase, regardless of the amount.
  4. I find it really depends on the SA but I’ve always been offered a drink if I actively engage in conversation with the SA ( topics being fashion, philosophy of design, influence of social media, etc...).
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  6. Our store serves Veuve Clicquot (also an LVMH brand). I am offered quite frequently, even though I am far from VIP.
  7. Some boutiques offer drinks when the client has to wait, e.g. your SA is attending to another client or if you're waiting for an item to be hot stamped. You may ask for drink if you want one.

    Most SAs in my home boutique know me and a drink is offered as soon as I enter (and to a casual observer that may seem odd). To add to Redenkeew's list of beverages, LV serves orange juice, too. :amuse:
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  8. LOL I have only been offered water, which is still nice, but only when I have purchased and am waiting for them to package the item :smile: I dont expect anything and usually decline. I dont need to be the one to spill my bottled water on a new bag. The boutique I frequent is a smaller one inside a mall in Mass.
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  9. I drink and am always offered one. Mostly they serve Moet Brut Imperial, occasionally the Rose version. I am not a fan of Moet so my store manager usually pours in Ruinart blanc de blanc (their high(er) end champagne when he is around. For parties and events, that I attended, I noticed that they served blanc de blanc too :drinks::panic::loveeyes:
  10. I’m never been offered drinks...but it wouldn’t hurt if I asked on my end though. lol

    But definitely just ask if you can have a drink!
  11. I get offered champagne from the Chicago store but not the Seattle/Bellevue store. My SA told me that they can’t serve alcohol anymore because someone reported them for serving alcohol without a liquor license.
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  12. I always get offered something to drink even though I don’t spend that much money compared to others. Most of the time I choose tea instead, though. My LV serves Moët Nectar Imperial, which I love.
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  13. I get offered this by my usual SA or if SAs notice me having to wait a long time. I usually opt for sparkling water, however.
  14. Oh lol what a loser. Just have to ruin it for everyone.
  15. That's Seattle/Bellevue for you! lol