Somewhat Hermes Related

  1. I am looking for a key holder/cover to keep my keys in of course. I want to protect the bottom of my Kelly and my other nice bags that I own. Does anyone own a key holder/cover they really like and care to share a pic or where they bought it. I am just looking for some ideas...anything from practical to stylish.
  2. Oh Man....I'd love to see this too. I NEED one. I've got a boat-load of keys just dangling from a leather strap - time for a case!!!
  3. The famed LV $150 4 key hooks about 4" x 2"

    (shopmom...I am looking and will keep vote later with me...oops, I lost my back...silly me!

    I am having a moment...)
  4. Well at least you're having just ONE I had five or six!!!!
  5. I saw a Hermes Black Leather (not sure which kind) key holder on Luxury-Zurich last night. I think it was around 300-400?? Not sure. But maybe you can check it out.
  6. my mom buys any small leather pouch she can find, whenever she travels. i lost the last one and she had a replacement that she mailed right away. i will try to post a pic tonight or tomorrow.
  7. Thank you Hiheels...

    I will also check LZ's site

    I need to do some searching on the web as well
  8. Hermes make (or made) a small Vespa pouch that you could use (sorry, no pics)
    I have trouble with some of the key holders because they don't hold those huge transmitter keys that so many of the newer cars come with/ :sad:
    I'll keep my eye out, KB!
  9. Thank you Greentea!

    I am willing to remove my electronic opener and just use my keys alone, but I know what you mean...the transmitters are HUGE!
  10. Hermes does make a key case, it was about $ 650 when I saw it. it is a regular tri - fold with hooks type key holder. I do not have a picture because I did not buy it. I thought that the price was too high for what it was. ( I was having a frugal moment!) Maybe Hermes has others?
  11. humm,.. I saw a few at the store when I was there, don't know the names of them though, ask HG she was with me.
  12. I use a Prada small flat cosmetic case with a zipper. It holds my keys, pens/pencils and lipstick.
  13. This may be blasphemous...but...what about using one of the orange pouches that Hermes includes with the bag? Instead of using it to store the bag lock (assuming it is on the bag most of the time anyway), perhaps your current keyring would fit into that as a little carrying pouch? I don't know if it is big enough to accommodate the keys, but it was just a thought.
  14. Hey! not a bad idea! it will protect the bag from scratching:flowers: