Sometimes You Just Get Lucky...

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  1. For the longest time, I've been looking for a bag like this. Structured like a Boogie Bucket but with a zipper closure. I really wanted it to have a little Indiana Jones sort of feel--something that looked like it could go on an adventure or safari.

    Turned out to be harder than I thought to find.

    Bags I saw in the past were always too expensive or too heavy. I really wanted a certain color, a certain feel, so I held out for a long time and just kind of dismissed the idea.

    Then I found it.

    And it was part of the MHB sale.

    Anyone wanna guess what it is?:nuts:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Any guesses, Celts?
  4. :thinking:Dangerous Indeed?

  5. Nope....Here it is...

    It's the Press Shy in Luggage!

    I have to tell you that I immediately loved this bag when I took it out of the dustbag. I have been kind of skeptical about the plush leather--especially after being so spoiled by the chamois--but it's really great on this bag.

    The strap is very comfortable on the shoulder and I love all the zippers. Note the fully-functional zippers on the side! Perfect for keys, gum, tissues, you name it.

    This is the most accurate picture of the color....

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  6. So pretty, TejasMama! Love it! :yes:
  7. Oooohhhhhh........

    That is one pretty bag...nothing to be shy about!!

    Luggage plush....:drool::drool:
  8. I guessed it but didn't post cause I thought nah. That is really rockin. Glad you love her Tejas now you can take her on an adventure. (Or safari) Enjoy!!!
  9. Slap that Indiana Jones fedora on your head and take to the jungle!!! That is one gorgeous bag!!

  10. Here are a few more pictures...

    The bag is deceptively deep--it really does remind me of being close to a boogie size--I can fit lots of stuff in here. I think this is going to be the perfect all around bag. Even with all this stuff in it, there's still plenty of room for water bottles, a whip, maybe even a chihuahua...although I guess Indy wouldn't find much use for a chihuahua...maybe to scare away the snakes?

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  11. Here's a modeling pic to help you see the proportion of the bag...yes, the bathroom is messy!

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  12. Nice shape for the plush. Glad you love it. :smile:
  13. :lolots:Now, which way to the Amazon?
  14. Actually, that might come in handy down here as soon as it warms up. When I was growing up, the last thing my mom would say to us as we ran outside to play was, 'watch for snakes!' :biggrin:
  15. Wow very cool bag, I love 'indiana jones'-esque bags! lol