Sometimes you have to know what you're looking for...


May 7, 2007
I have been eyeing the Edge Envelope since it went on first cut at Neiman Marcus, and decided if it was available, I would purchase at second cut. I bought the Beige one on their website only because I already had the page on my Safari tab up since the envelope had been marked down only 25% off. And when I refreshed it, it was still available but at $801. I bought it. Without the page already open, I would not have been able to find this bag either through clicking through the sale handbags OR searching "balenciaga sale"

Now that I've gotten a flyer in the mail From Neiman's about a 3rd cut (something like "up to 70% off regular price!") I decided to go back and take a look to see if my bag had been further price slashed. Although using the search Neimans options none of the sale Edge Envelopes show up, a google search allowed me to find this....

A Red Envelope Edge Bal for $646.10 right on the Neiman Marcus website

Interesting how this is available for purchase but there is no listing for it even when you search for it on the Neimans website or scroll through the pages of sale items.... anyone notice this too?


Jun 29, 2006
Yes, I had seen a small assortment of Bal's on sale at NM and wanted to check them out again but could not find them through any type of search. Its very frustrating as I am not familiar with color names to google but I know there was some other bags on sale.

Why do they do this??