Sometimes wearing LV is a no-win situation..

  1. I was at the library carrying my Damier speedy when a lady came up to me and looked at my bag. She said "Nice bag...what brand is it?". I said "It's a Louis Vuitton". She looked at it some more and said "You must have bought a fake. Louis Vuitton bags don't have THIS print. You must have got a fake from some [name of ethnicity] place"

    I was rather nonplussed but managed to say "No they do sell this print". She then looked at the tab and maybe believed me because then she asked rather suspiciously "How much was it?" So I said "Five-hundred-ninetly-five-dollars" rather hurridly because I wanted to get away from there.

    She stepped back and looked at me askance and said "You spent almost SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for THIS bag? Huh?"

    There's no pleasing some people :p
  2. Yuck. What a flake. (The other woman, not you!)
  3. LOL...I would have just ignored her. I certainly would not have responded to her ignorance after her initial comments. Really--How tacky is that?? I certainly would never tell a stranger how much I paid for anything. People who ask those types of questions are the ultimate flakes and fakes...I'd easily ignore them....LOL
  4. OMG! First of all When she tried to tell you that it was a fake you should have said, "Yeah OK uummmmm....I'll bet you're the pride of your job site, too!" and walked away.
    But to try and touch your bag and then to comment on how much you spent! You shouldn't have even humored her with a price!!! What business is it of hers?
    You wanna talk about pleasing people? No, some people just have NO CLASS!
  5. UGH! That's horrible and I'm sorry that woman was such an a$$ to you! Even when I see obvious fakes (not necessarily LV), I wouldn't dream of saying anything to the person about it. She really has a lot of nerve. plus, she showed how completely classless she was not only by the comments about the bag, but obviously having a bias against whatever ethnicity she decided to mention in her insane rant. I'm sure what it boils down to is she's jealous, but there's no excuse for all the rude things she said. HUGS!
  6. ^^Thinking back, it seems rather funny. I was annoyed at the time, though!
  7. she was extremely rude... i don't understand why people feel like they can just say these things to strangers. i guess many people don't realize there's more to LV than just the monogram canvas. when i took my damier azur pochette out a couple weeks ago, my friend didn't even know it was LV!
  8. I think you handled it fabulously. Just perfect :yes:
    People often say they would just ignore it, but when put in that situation it is hard to do!
  9. No Class at all!

    I was at my manicurist last month and there was a woman in there carrying her--what appeared to be--a Mono Speedy 25. It was sitting on the floor (first clue that it was not she was nuts) but I wasn't really paying attention..just glanced at it. She looked well put together so I assumed it was real and went on to get my pedicure.
    I noticed however when I walked in and was chatting with my regular manicurist she (the woman with the supposed Speedy 25)looked and rolled her eyes at my bag...LOL It didn't bother me at all as I know women can be catty (not all of course but you know what I mean I'm sure), I usually ignore such looks in general.
    Well, she eventually came back to get her pedicure and I noticed that her Speedy had feet!! LOL LOL I just laughed in my head and kept reading my magazine. No wonder she had such a poor attitude when she spotted my REAL MONO 30. She couldn't stop glancing at my bag the entire time...Poor thing!
  10. I know what you mean but trust me..It would have been very easy for me to ignore her....LOL. Trust me...she would have felt 1 ft tall and invisible......:yes::p.
  11. Sweetie, the woman was jealous of you. Why else would she question its authenticity and be audacious about the price? I'm annoyed for you! But you took care of the situation well. :yes:
  12. how rude, nice you kept your cool. I would have been so upset.
  13. I might have, but we live in this place with a very small-town atmosphere and there are lots of older women who come to the library and are sometimes very sweet and chatty, and it's nice to talk to those people. I initially thought my questioner was one of the sweet old ladies
  14. How rude! Thankfully nobody has done that to me (yet?) but I'm not sure how I would've handled it. I may have accidentally smacked her upside the head with my speedy? lol, jk'n!!!
  15. It's just weird to me when I hear about people saying "you must have a fake" to others. Who is raising people to talk like that?? I would NEVER say that to ANYONE! I teach my kids if you can't say something nice say nothing at all. Am I missing something here or are there some really rude people in this world?!