Sometimes this place gets me going...

  1. But in such a good way! It gets me thinking...

    There have been a few things happen recently in my life (I have previously posted about a couple) and I just want to get you all thinking about something.

    We get so wrapped up in our own lives (rightfully so) that the "burdens" placed on us by our needy friends or family can start to pull us down. But think about this...

    If these people in our lives who are struggling beyond all belief didn't have us/you in their life, things would be a lot worse for them. It is so important, I think, to recognize that while what we do (whether it be stuck on a phone for hours on end with a helpless friend or family member, or are taking care of our friends or families as they are nearing the end of their days on Earth) is a sacrafice for us. You bet it is. But in the end, if these people didn't have us, they would be so alone.

    As you make your daily sacrafices for your friends or family, please know that the end will be rewarding for you, too! Can you believe that? Yes, it is so true. Just knowing that we were able to lend an ear, a ride, ten months of dedicated time or whatever it ends up being, we have made a difference for someone and helped get them through (or to the end) of their difficult days!

    God bless you all for taking the extra time you do to be there for your friends and family members! Keep spreading the love!!

  2. That is very sweet of you.
    Being kind and helpful ( to anyone that includes our dear friends and family) are never an easy task. But at the end of the day, knowing what we did really helped them will be the best reward