sometimes randomly stumbling into the men's department isn't such a bad thing!

  1. look what came home with me :yahoo:
    IMG_1106.jpg IMG_1110.jpg IMG_1111.jpg IMG_1112.jpg IMG_1108.jpg IMG_1109.jpg IMG_1107.jpg
  2. OMG it's sooooo cute....looks like pewter hardware no?
  3. i have a hard time telling actually, the lighting's so weird right now. i think so though.
  4. OMG annanas, that is sooo cute. i never see this style IRL.
    can u please post pic wearing it? is that the besace?
  5. o0o0o0o the besace! I've been wondering what it would look like! I LIKE!

    pewter hardware? *does somersaults*
  6. i'm not sure what the style is called, the tag doesn't say, i can't find it anywhere online either, and the receipt only says flap bag! i've packed my camera now but i'll get some pictures of me wearing it tomorrow.
  7. cute. very cute!
  8. BEEE-UUUtiful, and I can smell that silver hardware a mile away!!! Congrats! Awesome! Do tell where you found it!
  9. it is pewter, i went under a better light and studied it for a bit. i see too many nuances in colour sometimes, it drives me nuts! it was in selfridges in london, they have at least one more because they took a new one out to replace the one on the shelf. i took the new one though :lol: poor SA had to put the tags on again :lol:
  10. Holy crap! I'm on it like a fly on...uh...old food!
  11. :lol:

    to save anyone else having to pm me, it was £490, the SA was justin at balenciaga in the men's department and selfridges' phone number is +44 8708 377 377!
  12. Yummy! :nuts:
  13. Oh it's gorgeous, the colour and *the hardware*! Congratulations, what a great find!

    And now, who will cough up to snagging the other one?? : )

    I wish you well,

  14. i doubt anyone has done yet, it's nearly 2300 here so all the stores are closed and i bought it around 15 minutes before closing :lol:
  15. I'll race you ladies to it in the morning!!! ;)