Sometimes, people really fire me up.

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  1. Woman at Starbucks in line behind me: Excuse me, miss?
    Me: Yes?
    Woman: Your bag is so LARGE.
    (it's a Deauville.)
    Me: Oh. Well, I carry a lot of stuff- purse stuff and a bottle of water and my book, usually.
    Woman: Oh. Well, I just think it's too big, don't you?

    :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  2. "and it's your business because .?.?.?.?.?"
    People are ridiculous!!!
  3. I'd tell her, "how bout a cup of mind-your-own-business, GRANDE!"
  4. Why would she say that??? What a moron.
  5. ugg.. it's none of their business. i hate it when people know how much a bag is and they think "i would never spend that much on a bag"

    well to each their own!!!
  6. And she was carrying this ridiculously teeny tiny overtly precious Vera Bradley bag. TEEEENY, like it might have held my cellphone and a lipstick.
  7. Aw Gawd...been thru the same damn thing...I have the Deauville too!! The guys here/my crew @ work {God luv em' are like the brothers I've never had} teased me [not rude like that crazy ole bat you encountered] that mine resembled a bowling bag.

    Deauville owners unite!!

    Agree w/earlier poster...."and it's your business because?????"
  8. She actually said "excuse me?" to tell you this? How weird.
  9. Yes! She just randomly started a little conversation to tell me this! I mean...I don't even think the Deaville is THAT huge. I mean, my Botkier Bombay Tote? THAT'S big.
  10. Sounds like she was jealous.....that was so rude to say. Like what were you going to say "oh my gosh you're right! I just noticed that my bag IS big!! Thank you for telling me - I don't know what I would have done if you didn't bring this to my attention!" Then you could have dropped your latte on her Vera.
  11. Maybe she was about to tell you that she likes your bag, but then envy got the better of her and she decided just to tell you it's big instead. HA!
  12. :noggin: :roflmfao:
  13. omg...the nerve of some freakin people! ugh...
  14. Ugh! People just don't know when to keep their mouths shut.
  15. OMG..How rude..well at least you didn't say..yes my bag is big but it's not as big as your a$$ lol