sometimes people just suck

  1. :hysteric: i just feel like screaming... i absolutely love horses, and have two of my own. It makes me so angry that people are getting away with slaughtering them for overseas. There was a bill passed to end horse slaughter, and yet there are still slaughterhouses being run because they can pay for usda inspections...its just crazy i think its awful that there has become so much red tape and everything is about money... :crybaby:not to mention the premarin crisis going on now where all the farms are being shut down and the horses are all going to slaughter... I have always supported horses, even written congressmen/representatives you know the whole deal over the wild horse slaughter (where they caught wild horses and slaughtered them), the PMU (premarin) horses getting shipped to slaughter.

    sorry that this is probably totally irrelevant but i just cant stop thinking about it, theres so much injustice in it and yet nothing is said because there is money to be made off of it... it literally makes me sick to my stomach :throwup:... makes me want to go to DC and give all the politicians a swift kick in the :censor:

    if you have no idea what i'm talking about read this:
  2. :rant: :censor: :mad: