Sometimes life has it's way of biting you in the ass.

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  1. So about two months ago my band and I decided to part ways. We were a 'soul-rock' kind of band. I have rnb styled singing and they have heavy influenced intsrumentals. They felt as though pushing this 'new genre' was pushing them into a brick wall - I felt as though the creative collaboration was starting to fall apart and everything became more heavy and one toned. So we decided to part ways. I had the intention of starting something else that was roughly the same idea because I love rock but I love to sing soul, they wanted to just make another 'rock band' and to see how far they would go.

    They went on to try to find a new singer. They found one but she soon left because the band was picking up too much speed. In my mind it was way to slow and that's why we had to part ways. So she ended up quitting after a week and a half.

    So a few weeks before I left the band I started submitting our demos into a few festivals. Buildling relationships with the reps and basically working full times hours promoting us. Vancouver Seeds, New Music West, and Warped Tour were a few of the festivals. We were close to getting into Seeds, didn't get into NMW, but was accepted to play at the Warped Tour.

    Isn't life a ***** and a half sometimes? They are out a singer but I don't think I would want to get back with the band but damn, I really would've loved to play the show. I think they're going to scout for a new singer asap so they can play the show, they've already confirmed to playing.

    I guess I should be happy and proud that they liked us to begin with...
  2. that sucks i was in a band for a while too im a singer it was real cool but after awhile people were coming and going and it just wasnt the same and it sucked so i quit. but it was real cool while it lasted.
  3. Yeah. It just sucks because the demo's that were sent out was the sound that we were trying to go for. When things started to get really narrow that's when the problems arrived. I guess there's a little bit of me that wished that everyone in the band kept their open minds. But now they get to play the old stuff that they don't even want to play.
  4. Well you were part of the band in those demo tapes so it is their success as much as it is yours. I say revel in it.