Sometimes it pays to be loyal


Sofa King Delicious
May 26, 2006
Planet Coach
I went to my local FP boutique last night and I was talking to the SA about how I hated my Maggie. I got it back in May just took the price tags off last month and only carried it for a week. She told me that I shouldn't be unhappy with my bags since I'm such a good customer and told me to bring it in to exchange it for something else.

I exchanged it for the Poppy Ski Bunny Glam tote and I also got the gramercy patent embossed coin purse since it's so freakin cute.

Needless to say they have a customer for life.

I guess I should have stated that I didn't go in there to complain, I was going in to see the new bags and was thinking about getting something new to replace my Maggie.



I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
Wow! That's super nice! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your new bag!