Sometimes I hate having the day off.

  1. I hate having the day off on a Monday ESPECIALLY (Columbus day for example, today) because I know how I get. I get so lethargic. Even though plenty of people I know have the day off, particularly because of college I'm doing homework. I just can never get into the groove.

    And it's raining out... I feel gross. I'm not doing anything today, and if I do it will just be shopping by myself which is fine but I have a ton of homework I should focus on.

    Not much anyone can do but doesn't anyone else feel the same way? Do you get lethargic on these Monday holidays or even just a day off when you haven't a single thing you HAVE to be doing like work or school? I feel like I'm not normal for NEVER enjoying it!
  2. im in the same position today. i had my lectures cancelled so im just sitting around doing not much and deffinately not doing the things i should be doing.
  3. I'm jealous hah! It's bright and sunny and beautiful here today, and I have classes all day. If I had today free, I'd whip up a batch of mozzarella cheese for pizza tonight, finally get around to baking my first pumpkin pie of the season, and take my Chi's for a long walk. Maybe tomorrow though!
  4. I'd still rather lay in bed than go to work though even if all I do is ~~~~~~~~~~~snoooozze ~~~~~~~~
  5. ^^^ITA
    Today is Columbus day and I LOVE IT!!!
    I've got the day off and I'm puttering around the pad, doing laundry and enjoying having the place to myself for a few hours...I'm also dreading having to go to work tomorrow. I wish it were raining and overcast here, but it's a typical SoCal sunshiney day in October.
  6. I wish I had the day off today! It's so pretty out!
  7. So far I've slept in, had a nap, and played with the cats. Studying can wait until tomorrow, lazing around is what stat hols are for! ;)
  8. Blah... I went out shopping but just for a couple of small things. I got a coffee. I feel a little bit better, but it's still dark as hell and cold and drizzly out. I bet if I had my own place I'd enjoy most of my days more. Not that much is going on here, I don't know. I feel bad not appreciating having this time off. I don't even have class until 3:30 tomorrow, too. So I can have a late night.
    I just can't get into it! :sad: I'm always like this... always... I mean if it were summer and nice and beautiful out I would definitely enjoy it.
    I may color my hair, and definitely paint my nails... and I have to HAVE to get working on this paper I've got due Wednesday and study for an exam I've got tomorrow. I just spent my whole morning on a project that's due tomorrow and so now that's done.
    Blaahh... I feel bad complaining because not everyone has this day off!
  9. I like having a Monday off. Mondays always feel like the worst day of the week to me, it's nice to be able to skip them sometimes.
  10. lol sorry i could never complain about having a day off to do whatever I please!
  11. I'm jealous. I wish I had more holidays instead of working all the time.
  12. Yup I love having the day off. I mostly ran errands, did my laundry, and went to Costco...but it beats having to sit in the office working.
  13. humph... some of us didn't get the day off, I'm so jealous of you all!! I hope you enjoyed it while I was working. :crybaby:
  14. I hope your enjoyed your day. I worked 8-5 today, when grocery shopping after, came home and make dinner. The day is already gone :crybaby:
  15. I love a nice day off. Today I slept late, woke up, had a mini-breakfast, went back to sleep, woke up again around 3 pm, showered, got dressed, went to Ulta, wasted some money, came home, watched TV, and then finally got busy doing stuff for my class in the morning. I could use more days like this!