Sometimes I drive myself crazy ...

  1. I had the BH. Thought it was too big. Sent it back. I ordered the saleya in its place. I went to the mall today and saw two separate women carrying the BH. Both had a really nice patina and had that broken in look. Well of course, now I want the BH back. Like I said.. I drive myself crazy *sigh*:hysteric:
  2. Well, you could always buy it again. ;)
  3. I drive myself cRAZy as well!!!!!!! LOL!!!! This should make you feel a bit better..

    I had bought the Damier Speedy 30 the day it came out. Loved it, or so I thought...Then started having doubts that it was too dark, too dressy, not me, etc. I then returned it. Shortly after that (I think it was like 2 wks.) I saw a pic of another PFer w/ the bag dressed casually (jeans, and a Tshirt) like I often like to dress....I was like, :wtf: The Damier does work casually!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! So, I re-bought it...and now I'm fine w/ it. I don't think that way no more (the too dressy, etc. stuff). I love it!!!!!!!!!!:love:

    ...and "we" lived Happily Ever After!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tender: See, it was meant to be...heehee!

    Ugh, that always happens to me...I see someone w/ a certain bag, then BOOM...I want that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must have it!!!!!!! :hysteric: lol
  4. I know. I am already scheming...:sneaky:
  5. i have the same feeling too. a while ago i was upset about my monogram 30, and thought it was too big for me. but later, i saw a person around my size toting the monogram 30 around, and now, i love my monogram 30 already. lol
  6. Ha ha ha, me too! My first LV purchase was a mono speedy 30, had it for a day and didnt like the sag and i felt it was too big so i exchanged it for a batignolles & got a damier 25. After about a week, i was totally regreting it:crybaby: ! So i ended up buying it again....the SA was laughing at me. BUT guess what??? i havent used it yet...its been a month. I dont regret getting it again, i just feel a bit uneasy with the size...but i am never getting rid of it again:love:
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