Sometimes Feeling Blue Can Feel Good(Reveal)

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  1. Hello TPF friends! I recently found a bag that I am soooo in love with. I've made a few purchases this year. (way too many) But I wanted to share my new love. I purchased her Sunday and ripped the tags off and dressed her up for work Monday. I think she's adorable and my DH really likes her too. Would you like to see her? (forgive the group shot, I'll share the rest later)
  2. yea yeah!!
  3. I'm here, show us what you got
  4. oh live one post away!!!!
  5. I'm here and I can't wait to see what you got
  6. What is it???:P
  7. [​IMG]

    It's wrapped in here somewhere. Trying to resize anyway this will be more of a quick pic.
  8. Periwinkle Audrey???
  9. Show some skin!
  10. Yowzas! Let's see!
  11. Wow! What a haul!
  12. dayummm..that's A LOT stuff.
  13. yayyyyyyy
    i'am here too!!!
  14. Let's see the goodies!
  15. Lets see!