Sometimes Ebay gives Karma Retrubuttion!!!

  1. My collegue can be a bit of a biotch. And a knoww it all about everything. So she lists some designer shoes on eBay last week. She puts them for ridicously high prices when they are pretty basic boots and shoes. And about seven years old. So she has her friends shill bid for her, ask me to do the same. So someone buys it from her. She calls me this morning to gloat that soemone bought them from her the buy it now despite my telling her they wouldn't sell at that price and to start the reserve lower. And just as she was about to tell me I don't know what I am talking about I had already checked this morning and saw the person who bought them had like seven negative and was NLARU. Heeeheee. Now she tells me she doesn't have to pay eBay if the person doens't pay, eBay doesn't charge commission cuz her friend sold something and was never charged. Okay ebay just lets you list things for a lsit fee and doesn't take commision? okay. :wtf: And I didn't shill bid for her either. I do a lot of my shopping on ebay and I don't do my fellow ebayers that way!!!
  2. :nogood: she should realize, serious bidder won't bid for rid amount for such that item you mention.

    Anw, so surprise to hear that eBay ever charged no fees :lol:
  3. I told her !! she just relisted them for 500.00 sarting bid with reserve. I mean she got them when she worked at the boutique or as a gift. So if they sold for 300.00 she makes a profit.
  4. You should report her to Ebay for the dishonesty in recruiting shill bidding. Thats DIRTY! She will NEVER know who reported her.
  5. Good for you for not helping with her little scheme...and don't worry...she'll get a nice little invoice from eBay soon enough!
  6. i so want to report her since she and her crew are such wenches. She relisted with out filing a NPB so i wonder will she be billed twice? How do I report people? It pisses me off since she uses ebay so seldomly and know wants to make a buck after seeing me get a few dollars of the hundreds of stuff I never wear taking space in my closet. But I sold for fair prices and I didn't shill bid.
  7. That's what she gets! Isn't Karma great? I hope it never sells. Her starting bid was $500 and she still did shill bidding?! Geesh. When I started selling, I told my friend and she was like oh do you want me to bid? I mean I never even thought of that let alone do it. When you buy on Ebay, would you want someone doing that to you?
  8. 500.00 for a pair of basic boots that are designer boots. From 2002 MAYBE. She has a nasty attitude with me now because I told her they wouldn't sell and I was right. She should have started bid lower maybe she wouldn't make five hundred but she would still get a profit. GREEDY.