sometimes all it takes is something simple

  1. so last night i'm on the bus coming home. i have a seat which doesn't always happen at rush hour. i'm tired, a little nauseous (i know i spelled that wrong) and i want to go home. a little old lady comes on. she's looking at me and i think "i should give her my seat." but i don't feel well and i have high heels on that i'm not so steady in. i think "that girl in front of me is younger than me, she should give her her seat" and then i caught myself. i thought "well, why wait for her to do it? you're young, your able. if you want something to happen just do it yourself." so i got up and gave the lady my seat and she thanked me profusely. right after the girl i was thinking should give up her seat did give it up to someone else and then someone else 2 seats down gave his seat to another person. it was so wonderful! you could just see by my one action how it influenced other people to act. had i not gotten up i am sure the other two would not have as well.

    it made me realize just how easy it is to spread goodness and change. all it takes is one little action and others will see it and be tempted to act themselves.

    the little old lady was so cute too. she was getting off and there were a ton of people between us and the door. and she was starting to get up and worried she would not be able to get out. i told her not to worry about it. she asked if i was getting off at her stop. i said no but i would be happy to walk her out if she liked. and she said "oh, you're going to push people aside to make sure i get out?" and i smiled at her and we giggled. so when her stop came i loudly said excuse me and made a path through so she could get out and got off with her. she was so sweet!

    the whole thing just made my night. just wanted to share.
  2. Well done you.

    Me & Bf where actually just talking about something similar the other night, it's a little like the pay it forward movie it doesn't need to be great big grand gesture but even the the smallest little thing that really doesn't take a world of effort can help make the world a better place.

    Go TPFer's spred the word and do something nice today
  3. yes! exactly! i always think about paying it forward and was so excited to see even a small gesture can be catching.

    yes please- tpfers- go out and do something nice today! it doesnt have to be something big at all. if you want you can come back and report it here!
  4. Aww that's so sweet. I love hearng things like that. Good for you, finn!
  5. What a great story, thanks for sharing!
  6. Aww, that's a sweet story! And something great for us all to keep in mind. :tup:
  7. Heartwarming story! I love reading stories like this, thanks for sharing.
  8. Something like that happened to me once. A whole crowd of schoolboys were up the front of the bus and so was I, and a little old lady got on. Of course, they made no move to get up, so I did and offered her my seat.
    She took it, and the bus driver then yelled at the boys, "Now someone get up for this lady!" (about me). It was very embarrassing because I am only in my early 20's and was carrying my huge uni backpack and I definitely didn't feel like a lady!

    Back on topic: good for you for upholding seemingly 'ancient' etiquette rules! Hardly anyone does nowadays.
  9. What a nice story. It is like play it forward. I was at the store the other morning buying a paper and there was a long line. Some young boys were buying slurpee drinks and they were short about $1.00. The lady that was on the side to them paid for their drinks. Then the guy standing in line told her to please go in front of him and pay for her things. He mad the remark "you got to pay it forward" and I think it might have made other people realize it does not hurt to be kind. Once I was in another store and there were these 3 young kids about 9 trying to buy candy and drinks with all their change. It was really hot out and they were riding bikes so you knew they were thirsty. You could see they trying to count what they had. I just walked over to the cashier and told her to give them each $3.00 to spend when they came to pay. As I walked out the door they were so excited that they could buy cold drinks and other things. It made my day. I have also treated the kids outside for ice cream when the ice cream man comes around. I figure if my kids are getting some and there are other kids playing everyone will get a treat.
  10. Awesome! What a nice story to start my day with :smile:
  11. Yay for you! :yes:
  12. ooh i love all your stories!! i wish i had kids in the neighborhood i would buy ice cream for! in nyc- not so much. lol.

    i'm so glad you guys liked my story! if it influences even one person to do something nice- even open the door for someone- it will be worth it!
  13. Good for you at giving up your seat :smile:
  14. i really like your stories! I always try to do nice things too.
  15. Good for you!!!! I take public transportation, too, and am always so happy to see someone offer their seat to someone more in need.

    Good karma coming your way.