somethin's cookin on Resort 07!!!

  1. Resort 07 is making it's way onto the MJ website!! :yahoo: I saw some interesting new styles and a few nice colors in the classic collection, for example there's a yogurt colored MP! There's a studded tote named the Cameron; it's very similar to the pics of Cameron Diaz and her sweet punk tote.

    Looks like it's still under construction and very exciting!

    And don't forget to check the store exclusives.:tup:
  2. Thanks for the update, thithi! Gonna go check out some eye candy now. :p
  3. Thanks gonna check it out right now!:nuts:
  4. Resort 2007 for MbMJ is pretty much the same as Fall 2007, except the colors are SUPER BRIGHT! Like Orange, Yellow Teris and a "Pink" JJ! A new bag also called the "Hillier Hobo"... in general not too exciting IMO...

    The MJ collection bags look similar to Fall as well, but there are some very tempting pieces!!
  5. The MP is exciting!:dothewave:
  6. i saw that yesterday! i love all of the bags under the stones line, but it's way too expensive. :crybaby:
  7. Oh my god, more bags to be tempted by...
  8. Oh :wtf: goodness! So many pretty things! At this rate I am going to be living in a cardboard box when I graduate from school! I am going to scrounge around in all of my friends' sofas looking for loose change now.... Are these lovelies in stores yet?
  9. Just look and:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  10. The Cherrytart Stam is :drool::drool::drool:!!!

    I also LOVE the Bonnie. It's a great variation of the Little Stam and it doesn't have a chain handle!

    The satchel is gorgeous...I love the twisty things at the base of the handles.

    I dig the Cameron bag too. I've always like shiny, patent bags.

    THANKS for posting this thithi!!!
  11. OMG, the cream "Satchel" with knotted leather handles and the red patchwork "Klein" bag are un-fricking-believable!!! I can so not afford to buy any new purses, but one of those babies will be mine before the year is out. I was almost drooling looking at them, LOL.
  12. These are some of my favorites so far:
    rocker.jpg satchel.jpg cameronacidyellow.jpg bonnie.jpg patchworkstamcherrytart.jpg
  13. I thought these colors were pretty, one is blush and the other is a nice petrol/topaz patchwork elise:

    These are off the store exclusives, very cute!

    studdedbowler.jpg studdedbowleraqua.jpg studdedbowlerbisque2.jpg jenniferpatchworkblush.jpg elisepatchwork.jpg
  14. finally MJ is doing bright colours again!
  15. Forever a soft calf fan I love the yogurt colored MP.

    That being said, I LOVE the dark colored stam with the contrast stitching. (Sorry I cant figure out how to copy pics from the mj site) to post for you.

    My question is does anyone know if that is black or dark brown leather? Its hard to tell online. -Thanks!

    Does anyone else like this bag?