Something's Living in My Cat's Tail

  1. I don't know how well this would work for worms or larvae, but I must stress NEVER to do this to a tick. Smothering it or stressing it out in any other way will cause it to regurgitate, and in doing so will spread any disease it may be carrying (Lyme is a prime example). Only ever use tweezers or a tick remover like Ticked Off.

    Sorry - but I thought this was an important point to make.
  2. Yes I would definitely agree...sorry from the pictures it didn't really look like a tick, more like an infection or a larvae. I know that a common treatment - the only treatment - for a botfly larvae is to cover the bite entirely with vaseline to suffocate it and force it to come out. If you look at pictures of botfly infections, the cats wound looks very similar. [NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH]
  3. If it is not moving, and you can't pull it out, it might not be pus (pus would come out easily in my experience) or maggot - it may be a tendon showing if the injury is deep enough. My dog somehow sliced his tail open, and you could see nice white tendons like that.:throwup:

    Anyway, to the vet you go!
  4. That's exactly what I thought too! I'm sure a quick trip to vet can fix kitty right up. Please keep us updated!
  5. Yes, you need to take your kitty to the vet!:sad: That wound needs to be checked, debrided, etc., etc. Hope it won't be too serious...but I wouldn't wait any longer... Your cat is probably quite uncomfortable. You will be surprised how much they tolerate... It looks like an open wound with maybe a maggot or two living in it. Maybe you kitty got bit there by another cat or something? If that is a maggot, that wound has been there for a while...
    Anyway, you probably want your kitty to be on Frontline regularly to prevent tick bites in the future. Those ticks do carry nasty diseases, and it may danger humans, too...
    I hope it will be taken care of it soon~~~ Good luck!
  6. Did anybody else watch the videos on YouTube? Can you say...Um...GROSS!!!!!:sick:
  7. That's not right...please let us kinow what the vet says.
  8. Poor kitty! The vet will tell you what's wrong.
  9. I went to the vet and turns out it's only an infected bite (thank God). So no pulling out botfly larvae :sweatdrop: She just gave me some antibiotics to put on it, so hopefully it'll heal soon. Thanks for the advice. They were all helpful.

    And no, I didnt meet Mr. Timberlake. I would still be paralyzed on that spot if I did. He was receiving a brass note on Beale St. outside BB Kings the day of his concert in Memphis. It was cool to see him in person outside of an arena though.
  10. Phew! :sweatdrop: So glad you took your kitty to the vet and it's going to be okay! Now go get that sweetie some Frontline! ;)

    ETA: You are a good mom for being so concerned!
  11. Hi there, poor baby! My cat had a similar thing on her back once and went and slept on the neighbours compost heap and looked really ill. The builder in my house jumped over and brought her in. Vet said she had been in a fight, they really stick their nails into each other, and an abscess had formed. She had an anaesthetic, rather quickly as it was infected, and vet cut it all out and closed it up with a stitch. My cat was already infected and very ill and listless so if your cat is in high spirits dont worry too much but go to vet when you can. Let us know....give cat a hug from me...
  12. I had this happen to a kitten once. It eventually died after. But we took it to the vet and they pulled out these maggot/larve things. it was so gross.
  13. happy to hear kitty is on the road to recovery!!
  14. Im glad kitty saw the vet and is recovering! Yay!
  15. Thank goodness it´s nothing serious.